Let me start off by saying that we in no way "claim" these projects.  This is just a list of projects that we possibly may do, depending on if we can get the staff or not.  If you are a translator and are interested please contact me.

Note: We will not work on any project that has a group that is currently working on it and has released a chapter in the last six months.

Current Projects || Completed Projects || Future Projects || Dropped Projects


Anonymous said...

thanks for all your hard work:)

Heart Crusader - non∞ said...

Hello, you should seriously update this list. Especially strike out the series that are being worked on now by other groups. For example Chihayafuru, Ruu no Rakuen. :)

urdzy said...

@Heart Crusader: I update when I can, but usually I don't take a project off the list until it's been completely scanlated or published.

Helena Satu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helena Satu said...

I wish I translate more mangas of this author...
Thanks for everything

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