I was watching one of my pass-the-time movies when the main female lead said something interesting. She said, "I don't know how far your relationship is [talking about her brother and a celebrity actor], but I want you to live in the truth because what's real is what brings happiness." What she ment was if you say the truth and live truthfully, you won't get hurt. Even though other people can not accept the truth, you're not lying to yourself. I don't know if I explained it well, but I just had to agree with her and share~

Anyways, before I release the goodies, I want to say a few things.

First, a shout out to the new recruits~ Welcome ChocoDise and Zuri~!! Second, due to school work, Uyensdolly has resigned. We love her, and we'll miss her. But if we ask nicely, hopefully, she'll make a comeback during the summer~

Now, the yummo goodies~


Para Paru Volume 02 Chapter 08 : Ah~ I was typesetting this chapter, and it do I say interesting new expression from Tsurumi-kun. Also, thank you Urdzy for the pic, it was a very nice surprise. Don't feel bad about it, I have to get use to it since Tsurumi-kun might smile again... yes, a tiny spoiler. I hope I didn't insult anyone one. If I did, forgive me. >.<

Daisy Luck Volume 01 Extra Holiday : I don't know what this manga is about, :'( But enjoy~!

OH! let's not forget about the advertisment! YES! Recruiting ad~

If this applies to you, please check out the recruitment page and apply.
yep! that's all I gotta say~ toppichu logging out. *salute*


  1. Yay~ new recruits! Welcome ChocoDise and Zuri!!~ I hope you guys can stay...forever!! *wahaha*~~
    Bye Uyensdolly, good luck with your school work~~:)

    Aww~ That recruitment banner is so cute!!^^

  2. You guys are a cute group!

  3. Hmmm... live truthfully and tell the truth. It seems like such a simple thing and yet a lot of people I know don't want to live that way. In fact, there wouldn't be many manga stories if that were the case!

    But I have found, that there is so much less stress if you let the person you are on the inside match the person on the outside. (Think Switch Girl) I spent most of my life pretending to be something I'm not. Now that I'm old, I am who I am.

    I thought you expressed that thought very well. Much better than the actress. And thank you for all of your hardwork!


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