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Robots in Disguise - and all that jazz

And the birthday madness is over. And overall I think it went by smoothly.

Or at least I think we all survived (mainly me) better than what I thought we would. So yay me! :) I think the coolest thing that I made for my son's party was a six foot Optimus Prime. Which took me like 3 hours to make but it was sooooo worth it! My son's entire face lit up as soon as he turned the corner. It's one of those moments where you wish that your face had a built in camera so you could capture the good moments. (Which I never seem to remember to bring a camera for.) All the kiddos seemed to have a great time. We had trampolines, make your own transformer costumes, face painting, optimus prime hunt, and various other activities.

My one *small* rant though, would have to be aimed at the ladies that were supposed to be helping the kids use their equipment and generally helping out: LOOKING FOR HALLOWEEN OUTFITS ONLINE WHILE A GUEST WALKS KIDS DOWN A BALANCE BEAM IS NOT DOING YOUR JOB! Seri…

A little help for our friends

We need help - badly.
I know that it seems as though magical fairies come in and *poof* there is awesome chapters for everyone to enjoy, but in reality it takes a lot of man hours to keep FG chugging along.
So just to put it out there, we have a TON of projects sitting in proofreading and qcing but we need more help.  Also if we don't get more help we're going to be pretty slow this month, it's my son's birthday this month and I'm one of those over-indulgent moms that put on a 3-ring circus for their 5 year old child. Crazy? I know, but that's how it is, so I'll be super busy in real life with that this month.
So the point of that story is:

And in the spirit of helping people out----

I have a friend who is working her bottom-end off trying to get signed onto a label.  She's toured Europe and played all around the U.S. but the more people she has subscribed to her site, twitter, facebook, and youtube the better chance she h…