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Thank you for your interest in Forbidden Garden!
We would love for you to join us in our ongoing quest to bring manga-lovers quality scanlations!  We're a a very friendly, laid-back (sometimes a little TOO laid-back) group.  We are always happy to have any help we can get, the one thing we ask though is that you have dedication.

You may not be aware of all the different jobs that go into scanlating, but hopefully this page will help clear things up.  If you are interested in joining us please send an email with the following information to
[Position you are trying for]:
[Experience you have]: If this applies to you please list project name(s)/group(s) that you have worked on.

Once I send you the test be sure to put as your filename:
[Position you are trying for + YOUR NAME]
Just like in school where they tell you to put your name on your work, transfer that standard here.  I receive/send a lot of different files and I don't want yours to get shuffled/lost in the abyss.

For a list of which projects need what positions please look here.

Raw Provider/Scanner - [OPEN]
The raw provider is expected to either scan the series in for us or buy it and we'll scan it in.

Translator - [OPEN]
The translator translates manga/manhua/manhwa into English.  You need to have a firm grasp of the language you are translating from.
We are currently looking for Japanese and Korean translators.
You can find a list of projects that need translators on the future projects page.

Proofreader - [CLOSED]
The proofreader looks over the translator's work while comparing it to the original raws to check for mistakes.  Mistakes include (but are not limited to) grammar, missing texts, wording, and spelling. Knowing Japanese isn't a requirement, but a plus. Needs to be able to turn a script in 24-48 hours. Also having a college-level understanding of the English language would be helpful.

Cleaner - [OPEN]
Cleaners are expected to clean, level, rotate, crop, resize, delete text, redraw, and edit more sound effects.  Large or complicated sound effects may be subtitled.  An editing program (like Photoshop) is a necessity.

Typesetter - [CLOSED]
Typesetters are responsible for typing the proofread translations onto the cleaned scans.  An editing program (like Photoshop) is a necessity.

Editor - [OPEN]
The editor is a combination of the cleaner and typesetter.

Quality Control - [CLOSED]
The quality control's job is to find and fix any mistakes made by any of the previous jobs.  You must have an excellent grasp of the english language, an editing program is a necessity, and previous experience (in either quality control or editing) is a must.

Tutorial Sites
It is suggested that you go through a couple of these sites to hone your skills. Thank you.


  1. I would like to try translating manga.
    I'm studying japanese and I can understand them.

  2. @Anon: send an email to and we'll talk/send you a test. :)

  3. Wow so it is really hard.Thank you very much to all the staff for your hard work on the mangas and manhwas.

  4. do i have to send my real name in applying?

  5. Not your real name, just what you would like to be called or credited by. :)

  6. I'd love to join and help out! XD

  7. Can we be a part-timer?

  8. @Anon: Maybe? It just depends on what it is you want to do - just email me and we can talk ^^

  9. Is the typesetter position is open to people in ANY countries?

  10. @Sora: Yep, just as long as you have photoshop and fit the qualifications then you are good to go! :)

  11. hello i actuallyy send an emaill....

  12. u sound really nice by words r u a boy or a girl

  13. How familiar should the proofreader be with the language the manga was translated from?

  14. @Anon: For the proofreader position knowing Japanese isn't a requirement, but a plus. PRs need to be able to turn a script in 24-48 hours. Also having a college-level understanding of the English language would be helpful.

  15. i wish i can help you proof read, but...... im not so good at proof reading japanese that much.....(=^=) sorry im no help......but i know how to read a little japanese ^^ so im gonna get better at reading hapanese and help out one day ^^

  16. Hi,
    Are there any particular projects that you're recruiting for?

  17. @gypsy: Translators are the only staff that are on dedicated projects. All the other positions hop around to whatever is needed.

  18. Is the proofreading in english???

  19. Is there still an opening for the position of a cleaner?

  20. @Anons: Yes, there is still an opening for both cleaner and typesetter - just email me at


  21. What would the editor exactly do?, Would it be all of the things in the categories you said or would it be only a small amount from both? I want to know because I think I would be willing to do that~

  22. @Anon: The editor does all the things in the categories. If you wanted to only be cleaner (and not do the typesetting part) then you would only apply for cleaner. ^^

  23. i wanna help with editing but i can only do it online
    is that okey?
    and how do i contact?

  24. @ Edeline Stone

    What do you mean you can only do it online?
    And you can contact us at:

    Have a great weekend!

  25. Sent you an email. I'm not sure if your "need" projects are updated or not. You mentioned difficult redraws on certain projects, can you send me a sample or a page so I get the idea what it's like. Thanks.

  26. Hi Stompin' Owl - just replied with email. As far as the "Need" section I try to keep it as updated as possible (of course I try to keep the whole site as updated as possible but things do fall to the wayside time to time) ^^

    Thank you for your interest!! XD

  27. I'm going to apply as cleaner, so I will most likely send the email by sometimes this week. Just to give you a heads up, because I might forget .-. If I don't reply within this week, just contact me with the link I linked my name with. Or give me a text: 8324066324 ; it's alright. That's not my main phone number, just a side/business number. :D

  28. Hi hello- i want to try out translating manga but i can only translate at an intermediate level but i can try and translate as much as i can

  29. Hello~ I want to try translating manhwa, coz I know too little Japanese, while I can speak and write Korean!


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