Name: sekushibijin84
Position: Japanese to English Translator, Scanner, and Part-Time Magician
General Likes: N/A
General Dislikes: N/A

Name: Sanakan
Position: Editor, Lifesaver, Dark Empress in Disguise
General Likes: Sleeping, Manga, Anime, Novels/Books, Internet surfing, being a hermit, Music, TV, Games, Eating, Animals, looking at pretty pictures
General Dislikes: Rude people, unpredictable weather, swimming, shopping (for clothes..XD), sickness.

Name: urdzy
Position: Founder and Everything Else
General Likes: Treasure Hunts, sleeping, and K-dramas :3
General Dislikes: Jumping, snakes, and sand in my shoes!

Name:  Augi
Position:  Japanese to English Translator
General Likes:  Drawing/painting, 3d, making chocolate and learning languages.  Go to see her artwork at!
General Dislikes:  There's plenty, but off the top of my head I don't really know.

Name:Camiru Mylle
General Likes: Manga, Arts & Design, Films, Games, Music, Random dancing, Pok√©mon, etc.
General Dislikes: Cradily

Name: Lia
Position: Editor
General Likes:Reading, writing, drawing, and video games.
General Dislikes:Onions and second hand embarrassment.


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June 14, 2008.