Author: Varies
Genre: josei
Status: 16 volumes (complete)
Year: 2006
Summary: The anthology features works by mangaka from Ward and Comic Zero-Sum. A new volume is released every four months.
Joint with The Zero Alliance

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ISBN: 4758052530 / 978-4758052535

Volume 01 - Prince and Princess
5. Butler of Worry by Higashiyama Kazuko

Volume 03 - Prince and Princess
13. Listen to the Song I Sing by Mizutani Yuzu

Volume 10 - Conflict & Secret Societies
7. Rindou by Asada Yasuka

Volume 12 - Demons
2. We’re the First Year Demons! by Kari Erika

Volume 14 - Ninja
1. Shinobi☆Homestay by Ogaki Chika (Sequel: Volume 16 Story 7)
5. Master, in disguise. by Asada Yasuka
6. On a Moonlit Night by Kanou Ruri
7. Shinobi's Hand by D.Kissan

Volume 15 - School Uniform
1. Boku no Gakkou wa (My School Is) by Fujimura Ayumi
3. Bukiyou na Sahou (Clumsy Manners) by D. Kissan
4. Gold☆March by Serikawa Mame
5. Kimi to Issho ni (With You) by Gunjou
7. Suwaranai Otoko (The Boy Who Doesn't Sit) by Hosuka
10. Body☆Guard by Saeki Yashirou
13. Sayonara Tonari no Shounen (Goodbye, Boy Who Lived Next to Me) by Kumeta Natsuo
15. Kagazono-san by Maruyama Shiro

Volume 16 - Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales
2. The Grateful Crane by Saeki Yashirou
3. Pinkylina by D. Kissan
7. A Little Old Japanese Tale by Ogaki Chika (Prequel: Volume 14 Story 1)
10. The Prince is a Herbivore by Kanou Ayumi
11. The Stork's Contract by Akanatsu
12. Piggies by Mitsu Nanae


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