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A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane Part #2

From Rexy: I have vague memories of The Chipmunks, but if you watched Mighty Max, TMNT, Batman: The Animated Series, or Animaniacs then we've got more nostalgia to explore! Yep, I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid ^_^In the last post I talked about a huge nostalgia trip I took while finding a Chipmunk video.  Rexy pointed out though that in my post I completely left out the whole other demographic of 80's cartoons - and for that I am so sorry. ^^;;
So here I am to rectify the situation! X3
(Thank you Rexy for bringing it to my attention - otherwise I wouldn't have found my new something awesome -- see below!)

A look at simpler times...

Ah, the 80' was simple and colorful and magical.  All the things it should be when you're a child.  Along with She-RaRainbow Brite, and My Little Pony (and a vast amount of other saturday morning cartoons) my life was complete.

Ranting and...(not)loving it... T.T

Today I would like to talk about manga viewer sites and hosting.  We at Forbidden Garden have a strict no hosting policy that has been active since June 16, 2010.  And of course our releases have found their way onto these same reader sites.  And for awhile we've overlooked them and thought that that's how it goes, and after sending emails and getting no response I went on with my life.
BUT this past week while looking around I've found these sites who are not only making money off of our group's hard work but also are removing the credits so that they can claim it as their own.  And it's just wrong.
And yes, I can understand the hypocrisy of the situation - the 'rules among thieves' so to say.  But I do like to think that maybe there is a small silver-lining in that we don't make money off of this and we immediately remove links of and then advertise anything that we do that becomes licensed (see Toshokan Sensou: Love & War ).