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Christmas Crack


Lup Salad


Pixiv Art FTW!


The Vacation


Am I an addict?


Weird Restaurants?


Land of the Rising Sun


Good-bye Tilly~



We've got a new look!

Honestly I know most of you are waiting for a release -- and that will come, probably later today or tomorrow. I'm a bit beat right now and am in need of a nap.

But yeah! New look!

If you find anything that doesn't seem to work, leave a comment below and I'll try to fix it asap.

And there will also be a new project to look forward to ~ lucky you! ^.~

And last but not least - we need cleaners. So if anyone is available (even for a chapter or two) just let me know~


I love Studio Ghibli films~


She Works Hard For The Money

Just three quick things to talk about this week~

First I can't remember if I've thanked everyone who has offered to help us recently, but really thank you! We've gotten a couple new staff members on board (and a couple of free-lance) and so a couple of your favorite series should have a jumpstart coming soon! ^^
So welcome and many thanks to - saebyeog, Heidi, Prawr, ethelk, Osoyuri, and Textile!
I will get those of you that have joined on the staff page and such asap (if I don't by this Friday feel free to poke me pointed sticks)

Second, even though we did have these amazing people join - we still need more help. Please look over this list for all of our openings.

And last (and personally) I'm celebrating something totally awesome and not related to FG in the slightest- I was accepted into the school of nursing! So starting this fall I'm going to a whole new wardrobe (scrubs) and be one step closer to my career. I'm super-excited and have been celebratin…

5 years and counting!

Happy birthday dear Forbidden Garden! I can't believe you're already 5!!! (*sniff sniff* They grow up so fast!)
Now before we get to all of the yummy goodness for you, and believe me there will be a lot (like you will have surprises for days and DAYS!), we need to take a quick moment and acknowledge and give many MANY thanks to the oh-so-amazing staff!
sekushibijin84,Claer, Tilly, Soraiiya, Sanakan, toppichu, aina25, Mizuouji, Kuro, Stompin' Owl, and Ivorena Thank you thank you thank you to each of you! You have all been amazingly sweet people! I can't believe that there hasn't been a riot from these past few! Without each of you FG wouldn't be what it is, and honestly I would probably be a different person. Whenever I was down or going through tough times it was you who helped me see a brighter side to things. Thank you for your dedication, hard-work, and friendship.

And before you all disappear, please take a moment to look over this list, any and all help would…