Good-bye Tilly~

I love MLP: FIM~~

We have a big BIG release for you guys today ~~ we now have two completed projects and one new one! YAY you guys!

But before we get down to business (*sings*to defeat the Huns - that runs through my head every time someone says that) we need to take a quick moment to thank and say good-bye to our friend Tilly.

She has worked on projects such as Nounai Poison Berry, Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime, Flower, and more!

We have lost her to the scary and grown-up world~ but we wish her all the best and hopes that she enjoys her retirement and her big fat promotion at work!~ <3
We love you and will be rooting for you!

I go back to school in two weeks, so even if you can only give me two weeks I would be so SO appreciative. Need of cleaners, j-e translators, and k-e translators. HELP HELP HELP!!!!

- We also want to thank the incredible Takao Shigeru and Ayumura Yuki for their amazing works of art. If you can support the artists please do. I have included links on every project page to a place where you can buy it. FG doesn't receive any money of any kind for these endorsements so go buy!

-And what did you guys think of the two endings? Did you like them/hate them/go exactly how you thought it would?

1. Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime chapter 11 - *end project* And it comes to an end. I'm actually really sad to see this one end, it's been such a fun ride. Lots of staff to thank so here you go (you guys rock!)
Mizuouji (scanner)Claer (translator), toppichu (typesetter/graphics), Sanakan (cleaner), urdzy (proof/typesetter/quality control), Tilly (translator), Ba-Banana (cleaner), aina25 (typesetter), Ivorena (cleaner), Stompin' Owl (cleaner)~

2. HER chapter 1 - *NEW project* This is an amazing piece by the oh-so-awesome Yamashita Tomoko of Butter!!! or Don't Cry, Girl or Love Hate Love.

HER is a series of character portraits, loosely strung together by everyday circumstances.

The story begins with a woman who wants to be loveable - and loved - and who has a fixation on shoes. 
Note from the Claer: Though it's changing somewhat, there is an expectation in Asian societies to be happily settled down with a boyfriend/fiance/husband before you reach 30 (usually by mid-late twenties), so being boyfriend-less at 25 is a bit worrying. As a side note, there used to be a saying in Japan (people don't say it now though, because women are increasingly getting married later and later) that women are like Christmas cakes, in that their value increases until they are 24 (as in Christmas Eve, the 24th) and then drops after 25 (Christmas day). Personally, I find the saying quite mean.

Download || Read Online - will add later

3. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 06 chapter 34 - Wait for it - the end is here too! A part of me wanted to save this one till Halloween, but we'll celebrate it in August!

4. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 06 chapter 35 - *end project* Six volumes and 35 chapters down - that's quite an accomplishment guys - you are so awesome! 
We hope you enjoy the end!
sekushibijin84 (translator/cleaner), Nobi Nobita (proofreader), Kaor1 (scanner/editor), Sanakan (cleaner), urdzy (proofreader/quality control), Quynh (proofreader), Starlitlullaby (proofreader/cleaner), kpossible (proofreader/quality control), toppichu (graphics), Miki (proofreader), Soraiiya (proofreader), AshleyMarie (typesetter), aina25 (typesetter), Kana (cleaner)~

And if you answer our ad, you get hugs and kisses (and some brownie points too!)


  1. Owww, already over? well, that was a fun ride, We still have tons of manga to enjoy too! Thanks for everything you guys.

    My congrats to the rest of the team, you really did a wondeful job!

    1. Thanks Mizu~

      As soon as we get a stable translator for Life we should have no problem with the releases. (We've got a few chapters already cleaned) ^^

  2. You could have made "Mulan" the pw this time around ;) I really miss your pw hunts^^ Thanks so much for finishing "Issho ni Neyou yo". I really enjoyed this series!
    The new series also sounds interesting, though it kinda does make me worried about myself seeing that I'm also in my mid-end twenties already .. Time flies by too fast^^

    1. Hi AMMY!

      You're right! That would have been a good password challenge - I'll have to see if we can make something happen for the next release. ^.~

      HER is pretty awesome honestly - it's quickly shaping into one of my favorite projects. Also it shows a variety of women at different stages in life, I really enjoy it ^^

  3. Congratulations on finishing two projects! You guys are awesome as usual!

  4. Yay for 2 completed series! And HER! Actually it's been a while since I was translating c1 but reading it again I'm starting to really appreciate its nuances~ I totally get why it's becoming one of your fav projects Urdzy - it took a while but its becoming one of mine too haha. Off to churn out another chapter~

    1. And omg can I just say the relationships between the main characters of each chapter are so interesting!

  5. Thank you very much !
    Good luck Tilly !

  6. Thank you so much for completing Issho ni Neyou yo! It has been my favorite series from your scanlation group and you have done a wonderful job with it! :)

  7. Thank you for all of your work!
    Thank you Tilly and all the best!
    Thank you for the releases!

  8. Thank you so much for Issho ni Neyou Yo! *bowa* And for your hard work as always. And congratulations for finishing two projects! And, well, thank you again for everything *-*

  9. This might be a little late but, good-bye Tilly! We will miss you!~ Thanks for all the help you have given us!


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