Author: Wada Naoko
Genre: drama, romance, shoujo
Status: 10 volumes (complete)
Year: 2000
Summary: 14 year old Aoi is both popular and pretty, even being voted Pure Teen Magazine's reader-model. Accompanying her is her childhood sweetheart Ryuuta, the number one slacker in the school. Though the two bicker often, mostly about Ryuuta's consistently low scores and lack of studying, it is apparent that they both harbor feelings for one another. Unfortunately, Aoi's dreams and love are tested when an accident renders her handicapped. Aoi and Ryuuta must now find a way to cope and see if their love endures the many trials ahead.

[Joint with Doko Demo Doa]

Reason for dropping: Lack of translator.

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online

Volume 02
Chapter 05: Released || Read Online
Chapter 06: Released || Read Online
Extra         : Released || Read Online

Volume 03
Chapter 07: Released || Read Online
Chapter 08: Released || Read Online
Chapter 09: Released || Read Online
Volume 06
Chapter 14: Released || Read Online
Extra         : Released || Read Online


  1. Thank you for this! I love this manga already and I can't wait for more!
    I've cried in practically every chapter, I'm rooting for Aoi!

  2. I've just read what you've already translated here. OMG! Truly heartwarming. It's such a great story of a girl overcomming such hardships with the support of her friends and love interest... I cried several times during reading as well. I just can't express my gratitude for translating this. I love you all deeply for this!

    Greetings from The Netherlands,


  3. This is really good so far, but why the skip from chapter 9 to 14? I love the story!

    1. It's because long ago we had several translators working on this project and the only one who turned in her work was Tilly. And we've yet to find another translator to help us translate this project so we thought it would be better to go ahead and release it then hold on hoping that someone would come along.

    2. i hope you can get another translator for this some time soon if i could do it i would but i can't speak or read Japanese

  4. hope you get someone to do the translating it's vary good i have many friends in wheelchair's and used to be a helper for a wheelchair bowling league so i love reading about how the writer see's the tribulations a wheelchair bound person has to go though and how there different from country to country


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