And we're off!!

Welcome to our new home Forbidden Garden Site! *whee!*

We will be trying out the open range for awhile, and if everything works out we will keep it this way! (But if it gets out of hand and we feel that this endeavor isn't worth the hardships we will go back to a members-only forum.)

Have a look around - PLEASE look at the FAQ before asking questions, and we are recruiting!  So hurry up and apply!


  1. Just found out about the new site after hurrying over here for a release. LOL Very nice and easy to navigate. Hope the "open range" will work out but I'll remain regardless. :D Thanks. :)

  2. lol~After re-reading over this post I've realized that I've been watching FAR too much Toy Story as of late. (Between the "Howdy" and the "open range") Geesh. XDD

  3. The new website is precious,and thanks for all the work you do!


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