Title: Muyu He Benxiaozhu
Author: Zi Gui
Genre: shoujo, romance
Status: Oneshot (complete)
Year: 2008
Summary: It's about a girl, Taobei, who has somebody writing on her book that she's a pig.  This really angers her.  Then, there's Muyu, the guy who's been friends with her since childhood...and he's angry at her.  A really funny story of a silly and dense girl.

[Joint with Sherbet Lemon]

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Title: Utaenai Fairy

Author: Natsume Mikan
Genre: shoujo
Status: Oneshot (complete)
Year: 2012
Summary: A story about an online singing star who's afraid to let anyone know who she is.

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  1. Hello I wanna download the Utaenai Fairy manga, but then when I click download it says I do not have access to the page? please help me

  2. I wanna download the Utaenai Fairy manga, pls help. u.u


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