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Hello 2012! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

That's right loves! For your new year present I've put all the download passwords in the comment sections. Just look down (or Ctrl+f/⌘f) and find "The password is..." and it should be there. If I miss any pages just let me know and I'll quickly fill them in.

And while I have your attention:
So it's our first contest!
THE PROJECT: Pretty much we're looking for a new credits page to be used throughout the year on various projects.
-Must be in PSD
-Must have type ready for: Title, Volume/Chapter, Author, Credits, Forbidden Garden
-Must have a "window" of any shape where a picture of project can be put in.
-Have fun!
-An example of what I mean can be found here - but please be more creative than this (it's only a very weak example!)
TIME LIMIT: One month, so in one months time I will make a post including all the applicant's pages. (That will be Feb 1, 2012)
THE VOTING PROCESS: Will be up to your peers, there will be a simpl…

Full as a Tick

Happy holidays to everyone! I am so full - and well I should be, I went to 4 different christmas parties today alone! I've got another three to go to before the week is over >.<

I would like to say thank you and happy holidays to FG's staff - you guys are amazing and I hope each of you get the vacation you all deserve and get to spend time with your loved ones.
And know that we all love you so much here! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
And happy holidays to our readers~ how were your celebrations? Did you eat as much as I did? ^^;; Honestly I hope not, I feel sick because I'm so full. It's hard when the people around you act as though it's a personal attack if you DON'T eat their food. Personally, I think their all just in an evil league to make me fat.

Here is a little something that makes me SO HAPPY:

And now to the good stuff~



1.Otomentaru volume 02 Extra 1 - The Boy Next Door - An actual Christmas themed chapter on Christmas! Sweet and cut…


Author: Yokoyama Mayumi
Genre: comedy, romance, school life, shoujo
Status: 2 volumes (complete)
Year: 2007
Summary: This series is about a girl named Otome who's searching for love now that she has entered high school. But of course, finding love isn't going to be easy, especially if you have three delinquent boys who are your childhood friends. Otome explains to the boys that since they are in high school now, she wants to find love and fall deeply in love, but Tokio (one of her childhood friends) insist that she be part of his plan. He dreams of taking over the school and becoming a grand gang leader; he'll even let her join as the sub-leader. What is she going to do? As she sneaks away from the boys, she catches a couple of girls watching the most popular boy, Touyou, being confessed to!? Is this love at first sight? She decides to spy/stalk him... what will she find out?

>>Support the author! Buy this manga here!<<
ISBN: 4091312039 / 9784091312037

Volume 01

The Tale of Two Faces

So you were asking about my oh-so-awesome date (at least some of you were wondering ^^;;) so I thought I would share today.
Since it's nearing Christmas in my town, the commerce likes to do a lot of holiday activities. One such activity was an outdoor showing of The Grinch That Stole Christmas. It's a treat to have an outdoor showing, so I was pretty excited about this. I packed a couple of sandwiches, some cookies, some hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), a couple of bananas, and loads of blankets. We set out for the park (where they were showing it), I was wearing a necklace that he'd given me and we snuggled under the covers. The movie was great but what made it the best was when he looked up at me and said "I love you mommy"- my heart melted.

So since this is called a Tale of two faces here's the other side to my handsome son~

My husband likes to play a game about bumping vehicles with his car when my sons in the car. Now before you think anything bad t…

Countdown (up?!) to 200!

First things first, I have been a terrible person. Life has been such a whirlwind as of late that I have missed out on several of our lovely staffies birthdays. I'M SO SORRRY!

So without further ado *clears throat*~~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY eli-la, aina25, kouw, Clear, Vioxx, and kpossible!!!!

Also a big congrats to our joint partners Doko Demo Doa for their 3rd year anniversary! So be sure to run over there and wish them the best for their many years ahead!

I would like to also say thank you to everyone who comments - I know it may seem like commenting is a useless effort sometimes, but really you don't know how much we appreciate each and every one.  It's so nice sometimes to know that there's someone (an actual person!) out there and that we're not just aimlessly talking to ourselves. So thank you guys for being so awesome!

Also for all that wanted to know - the ladybug costume was a HUGE HIT.  HUGE.
I had so much fun and we got so many compliments for being the "B…

Robots in Disguise - and all that jazz

And the birthday madness is over. And overall I think it went by smoothly.

Or at least I think we all survived (mainly me) better than what I thought we would. So yay me! :) I think the coolest thing that I made for my son's party was a six foot Optimus Prime. Which took me like 3 hours to make but it was sooooo worth it! My son's entire face lit up as soon as he turned the corner. It's one of those moments where you wish that your face had a built in camera so you could capture the good moments. (Which I never seem to remember to bring a camera for.) All the kiddos seemed to have a great time. We had trampolines, make your own transformer costumes, face painting, optimus prime hunt, and various other activities.

My one *small* rant though, would have to be aimed at the ladies that were supposed to be helping the kids use their equipment and generally helping out: LOOKING FOR HALLOWEEN OUTFITS ONLINE WHILE A GUEST WALKS KIDS DOWN A BALANCE BEAM IS NOT DOING YOUR JOB! Seri…

A little help for our friends

We need help - badly.
I know that it seems as though magical fairies come in and *poof* there is awesome chapters for everyone to enjoy, but in reality it takes a lot of man hours to keep FG chugging along.
So just to put it out there, we have a TON of projects sitting in proofreading and qcing but we need more help.  Also if we don't get more help we're going to be pretty slow this month, it's my son's birthday this month and I'm one of those over-indulgent moms that put on a 3-ring circus for their 5 year old child. Crazy? I know, but that's how it is, so I'll be super busy in real life with that this month.
So the point of that story is:

And in the spirit of helping people out----

I have a friend who is working her bottom-end off trying to get signed onto a label.  She's toured Europe and played all around the U.S. but the more people she has subscribed to her site, twitter, facebook, and youtube the better chance she h…

Final Exam: A Major Scam

Hello guys! I was hired by urdzy to blabber about my life. You probably didn't know me, but I am Tomoko. xD I'm using my staff e-mail and I moved my blog and everything there, so that should explain the different names and all. But I'm still the same Tomoko you guys probably only knew as a crazy staff here who's writing unfinished stories... or probably you guys didn't know the crazy stuff or story stuff. LOL. Now you know, right? Right? Right?
        So today, I was at the accounting office to pay for my tuition fee and other miscellaneous bills. I was very confident that I didn't have to do any adjustments because I passed all of my subjects. I'd just received my grade in Statics of Rigid Bodies, and I'm kind of elated at the moment because I know I didn't have to repeat any subjects. XD Engineering is hard, too. We have like 4-5 math subjects in one term plus two or three laboratory classes for electric circuits analysis or something. &…

The Addiction Continues...

I tried so hard to stay away from it - for you guys! I swear I tried! And I had been doing SO WELL, I hadn't picked up the stuff all summer long.

But then it happened. I was sitting at home contemplating if I should finish up a chapter when I decided I would watch a quick movie first. I mean it WAS a lazy sunday, why not enjoy it to it's fullest??

And that's when I saw it, out of the corner of my eye, sitting there wanting, nay PLEADING with me to pick it back up and use it.
"It's been so long," it said.
"I know, I know," I replied, "but if I come close to you I won't be able to stop and I have to get these chapters done ASAP. People are depending on me…THE WORLD IS DEPENDING ON ME!" (Over-dramatic much?!)
"But didn't you have fun with me as well? Just one, it'll be quick and easy."

And this is when I started to crumble, it WOULD be easy - so easy. And no one would know, would they?!

And I dived head first into a …

Blank means blank ( ゚ヮ゚)

Happy birthday to our August babies! *kisses!*
Also we want to welcome to our family two new members - kanameyu, our new Korean AND Japanese to English Translator (be jealous by her awesomeness! ^.~ ) AND kpossible, our new QC who we've stolen BORROWED from another oh-so-awesome group.
Other than that, I don't really have much to say this week - be good everyone wish all our birthday girls good luck for the next year and welcome our new staffies!
No password this week, but for all of you that want a challenge here's a puzzle:
Want to know the answer? I'll put it in the comments. =D


1.Zig Zag Don volume 03 chapter 14 - Don't be weird Nukui.

EDIT: Aug. 28, 2011
2.Caramel Kiss volume 02 chapter 9 - What do they feed those freakin' rabbits?! o.O Also (other than the scary rabbits) so much cuteness in this chapter you'll want to poke your eyes out! XDD Kaname-sponge!!!!

3.Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 19 - This is the last Is…

Tick Tock

Happy hot-as-hell month! I swear just stepping out of my front door strips all the water/energy out of my body. It's exhausting (whiiiiine!)

Beyond the scorching sun (that will never let up), life is chugging along. The other day my son and I was at the park and a male runner comes running toward us wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. My son stops and points at this dude and yells, "Mommy, he's NAKED!"

We need translators! Please~~~!

Also, some of the staff and I have been thinking of shutting down the forum. Most of you awesome readers use the site anyway and it's just another thing that I have to update. So I'll give it a week and then we'll be closing it down. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone too much - but on the upside if there's just one thing that I have to update then it's more time to do releases!


1.Half & Half volume 02 chapter 08 - One more chapter till the end~!
Second Link

2.Para Paru volume 03 cha…

The Bridesmaid

I would like to begin by saying - I love my friends but I hate bridesmaids. I love my friends but I HATE BRIDESMAIDS!

I'm lucky enough to be in a very tight-knit group of girls. Some of us are going on 12+ years together. And throughout these years we've faced boyfriend/girlfriend troubles, being roommates, lesbian crisis, "stealing" boyfriends, going slightly crazy, and babies. And thru all of that we've held strong with being friends. I must say that my friends are wonderfully understanding and loving people and I truly feel blessed that each of them are in my life.

But then these wonderful smart AMAZING women become bridesmaids and these same ladies morph into snarling treacherous beasts! It happened with my wedding and I thought surely this was just some fluke. I was the first of our group to be married and obviously the girls just didn't know proper protocol. So now that we all have that under our belts wedding #2 will be a breeze right?

Wrong. T…

Check - Ants

I'm currently under attack by ants. These beings are mean, strong, and they have no conscience for anything else's life. They have a plan and they will carry it out - big 'elfin poison be damned - they are coming through.

Every time I get bitten (on my couch, in my bed, EVERYWHERE) I suddenly have traumatic flashbacks to when I was a freshman in high school. My group of friends always sat outside during our lunch period. And being the social outcasts that we were, we sat as far away on the ground from everyone else that we could. On this particular sunny day I remember vividly having an EXTREMELY difficult math test the next period given by the worst teacher I have ever encountered. (We'll call her Ms. B) I mean this was the type of woman that I believe got her jollies by making everyone around her miserable. So I didn't pay attention to my surroundings - I was far too busy trying to shove any last piece of information into my brain that I could. The bell ran…

How time flies...

When you're bustin' chops for a two year old's birthday.  That's right friends and foes my little babe has turned two.  For a month we planned this little person's party - a month.  I had home-made banners, themed games, all the snacks/cups/etc were theme oriented.  (The theme was Yo Gabba Gabba btw.)  And the cake! Oh it was a beautiful beautiful cake that took longer to make than it really should. (Can we say being up at 3am making funny-childish pictures in fondant?)  And while setting up for the party I would look around and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

4 Hours Before the Party:
Things are going swimmingly.  I have everything prepared that can be.  Now it's just the wait for 2 hours before the party to make the sandwiches/drinks/appetizers.

2 Hours Before the Party:
It's about time to start getting ready for the party and to start making all of the food. (I'm still in pajamas.) I start heading toward the bath when what's this? A knock …

Forbidden Garden Turns 3!

And this belle has to go to the ball. And just like Cinderella we've a new carriage, fairy godmothers, loads of sparkly make-up, and a pretty new gown. (But unlike Cinderella the changes will last longer than midnight.)

I want to start by introducing the amazing fairy godmothers who worked so hard to change our lovely Cinder…FG to what she is. *brings spot-light around* SO LET'S ALL GIVE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR… our amazing Ba-Banana, our lovely toppichu, and our ever speedy sekushibijin84!!!! These three not only worked tirelessly with the coding on the site, gave Cinderella new graphics, gave you a new a way to read our releases, and took over a lot of the editing work so that I could have more sanity. ^^
Thank you to all three of you for really going the extra mile to make this anniversary the best! Also I would like to thank woxxy from FoolRulez for helping me with the coding for the reader but also being so patient with all of my extra requests. You really are a…

Nom Nom Nom

Welcome Sunday!

Catching Up

Time to catch up on project status and do a little recruiting - join us now! :D

Mom's Day Treats

We're almost done with the first volume of Half & Half! So I guess you could say we're almost half (& half) way there!! haha...errr...*crickets*

A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane Part #2

From Rexy: I have vague memories of The Chipmunks, but if you watched Mighty Max, TMNT, Batman: The Animated Series, or Animaniacs then we've got more nostalgia to explore! Yep, I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid ^_^In the last post I talked about a huge nostalgia trip I took while finding a Chipmunk video.  Rexy pointed out though that in my post I completely left out the whole other demographic of 80's cartoons - and for that I am so sorry. ^^;;
So here I am to rectify the situation! X3
(Thank you Rexy for bringing it to my attention - otherwise I wouldn't have found my new something awesome -- see below!)

A look at simpler times...

Ah, the 80' was simple and colorful and magical.  All the things it should be when you're a child.  Along with She-RaRainbow Brite, and My Little Pony (and a vast amount of other saturday morning cartoons) my life was complete.

Ranting and...(not)loving it... T.T

Today I would like to talk about manga viewer sites and hosting.  We at Forbidden Garden have a strict no hosting policy that has been active since June 16, 2010.  And of course our releases have found their way onto these same reader sites.  And for awhile we've overlooked them and thought that that's how it goes, and after sending emails and getting no response I went on with my life.
BUT this past week while looking around I've found these sites who are not only making money off of our group's hard work but also are removing the credits so that they can claim it as their own.  And it's just wrong.
And yes, I can understand the hypocrisy of the situation - the 'rules among thieves' so to say.  But I do like to think that maybe there is a small silver-lining in that we don't make money off of this and we immediately remove links of and then advertise anything that we do that becomes licensed (see Toshokan Sensou: Love & War ).

Updates for March 27, 2011


Issho ni Neyou yo V2C9
By: Takao Shigeru

Synopsis: Is Ichiko and Kohaku's relationship becoming more than friends?? Hmm... And just what is Kohaku's relationship with his mother? Finally, we get some insight into why Kohaku wears masks!



Half & Half V1C1
By: Nanami Mao

Synopsis: Hina is a quiet college student who lives in a small town. One day her long lost best-friend and first crush, Itsuki-chan, moves back to town! The only problem is that Hina remembers Itsuki-chan as a man and now he's a WOMAN!! Sounds strange, eh? How does Hina deal with this new turn of events?? Does Hina still have a crush on Itsuki-chan??? Read and find out!!


As a side note, Forbidden Garden would like to thanks all it's readers for their continued support. If you express any interest into scanlation at all, please feel free to contact one of our admins! We're always looking for new help!! Here is a list of positions we…

2 New Projects?! Oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and my MIL took the kids for the night.  (A date night and my birthday - yay two-fer!!)  I actually got all dolled up (my hair fixed/make-up/new clothes) and we went out for a night on the town.  A few hours later I found myself at a bar with my handsome hubby and good friends.  But of course this morning I wake up thinking, "Why?! Oh for all that is good in the world, why did I say last night, 'Yes, I would love another shot.'" Stupid stupid move.

It's loading...

There are times in life in which you need to quickly and easily pacify your children so that you can get whatever it is that you are doing done without the screaming/crying/fit throwing mayhem that usually happens right when you really don't need it.  And I (like all good mothers) fully take advantage of pacifying tools (offering to go to the park/candy/etc) and one of these tools happens to be my IPhone.  Both of my children are now fully functional on my phone (the youngest being able to operate it at the age of 9 months) and so now they are now not only able to do tasks on it, but also are proficient in computer jargon. Well, one day my son and I was at the doctor's office, and we had been waiting in the room for short of eternity when the doctor finally steps in.  At this point my son chooses to say he needs to use the bathroom.  So I tell the doctor we'll be right back, and off we go to the bathroom.  My son gets up on the potty and sits...and sits...and sits some mo…

Help when you can.

Earlier today Japan was hit by a huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami. (And as I'm typing this another earthquake has hit the middle of Japan.) Our hopes and prayers go out to not only all Japan, but also to everyone else in the Pacific that is effected by the waves.  Also on a personal note we would like to fully extend our thoughts and prayers to our staff that are currently residing in the effected area. We love you so much and pray for your safety.

There are several ways in which you can help, and if you can please try to donate.
Donate to the Red CrossDonate to Global GivingText REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.And there are of course more ways to help, the big thing is just to help.

Where did you come from?

Goodness time flies by so fast, I swear it was just January yesterday...
UpdatesUpdatesUpdates We have a new translator on staff named Vala - be sure to welcome her to the group, she's going to bring you an awesome new series that I know many in the shoujo community have been waiting on.  So look forward to her translations!

Gang-E pretty much sums up how I've felt lately.  I've just reached that point where I'm just tired.  Yes, I'm sleeping at night (sometimes) and yes, there are moments where the kids are down and I don't have anything to do that I could spend scanlating, but I'm tired.
So, I took the week off from scanlating and watched movies.  Especially older movies.  I think I watched Funny Girl like 3 times this past week. Oh! And anything with Yul Brynner in it. Is it weird that I suddenly think he's really attractive? 

Silly Love Songs

On this beautiful day for lovers we bring you a plethora of goodies. But before that, let me tell you a tale of a whirlwind romance that has changed my perspective forever.  So sit back, start your downloads, and listen to my tale.
And also to everyone who stops by our little corner of the world, happy valentine's day!  A completely NOT made-up for Hallmark purposes holiday.  That we reserve for Christmas. (I kid, I kid...)


So, I had planned to get the last chapter of Bambi done today...but as I was going about saving the files (after having cleaned and typesetting) my PS decides to quit.  I lost all of the work since I was too confident that this wouldn't happen. So now I have to start back at the beginning...FML. =.=

Ready for Spring

So, we've decided to pick up another new project - three guesses what it is! Here's your clues: 1. He likes apples. 2. She is extremely unlucky. 3. Her best friend is lucky with the gentlemen?