Updates for March 27, 2011


Issho ni Neyou yo V2C9
By: Takao Shigeru

Synopsis: Is Ichiko and Kohaku's relationship becoming more than friends?? Hmm... And just what is Kohaku's relationship with his mother? Finally, we get some insight into why Kohaku wears masks!



Half & Half V1C1
By: Nanami Mao

Synopsis: Hina is a quiet college student who lives in a small town. One day her long lost best-friend and first crush, Itsuki-chan, moves back to town! The only problem is that Hina remembers Itsuki-chan as a man and now he's a WOMAN!! Sounds strange, eh? How does Hina deal with this new turn of events?? Does Hina still have a crush on Itsuki-chan??? Read and find out!!


As a side note, Forbidden Garden would like to thanks all it's readers for their continued support. If you express any interest into scanlation at all, please feel free to contact one of our admins! We're always looking for new help!! Here is a list of positions we're in dire need of filling.
C-E Translators
J-E Translators
K-E Translators


  1. Thank you all for the new chapters!

  2. The new manga seems interesting *-*

    thanks so much for all your hard work, hope you get more staffies >.<

  3. Thanks for the hard work! I don't really read any of your projects nowadays, but I like coming to the site, pushing the refresh button and seeing all of those neat banners! <3

    They're lovely dollface! :)

  4. Seems pretty nice. Thanks guys :D


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