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A Dream Come...True?

Whew! This past month has been hectic and wonderful. Here in a few weeks my babies are all going to be starting school. I can't believe my eldest is starting kindergarten! Time flies far too fast.

So, the last night I had a fantastic dream in which I was at a masquerade ball. It's always been a personal dream of mine to go to a ball and dance the night away.

Anyway, I was standing at the top of stairs (like so many teen dramas) sparkling as some mystery hand takes the shawl that is covering my beautiful dress up. The spotlight turns on to me and I shield my eyes from the sudden shock of the bright light. As my eyes adjust I look down and all eyes are on me and my fabulous costume. I spot my date across the room and give a small smile and wave, when suddenly the Star Wars Throne Room song plays.

I think to myself this can't be right and as I look down trying to figure out why this strange music would be playing for my dream entrance to a ball; when I realize that I…