A Dream Come...True?

Whew! This past month has been hectic and wonderful. Here in a few weeks my babies are all going to be starting school. I can't believe my eldest is starting kindergarten! Time flies far too fast.

So, the last night I had a fantastic dream in which I was at a masquerade ball. It's always been a personal dream of mine to go to a ball and dance the night away.

Anyway, I was standing at the top of stairs (like so many teen dramas) sparkling as some mystery hand takes the shawl that is covering my beautiful dress up. The spotlight turns on to me and I shield my eyes from the sudden shock of the bright light. As my eyes adjust I look down and all eyes are on me and my fabulous costume. I spot my date across the room and give a small smile and wave, when suddenly the Star Wars Throne Room song plays.

I think to myself this can't be right and as I look down trying to figure out why this strange music would be playing for my dream entrance to a ball; when I realize that I'm Chewbaca, not the pretty girl in the dress. And that she is currently descending the stairs while I am being shown the door.


We're still in need of more help. With school starting back happening soon for a lot of the staff (myself included) unless we find more staff things will be slowing down. 

1. Utaenai Fairy: From Mizuouji: Is there any Natsume Mikan-sensei's fan here? If not, there SHOULD BE, the woman is a genious. And her art is so frikin' beautiful. Even if it's very short the art is gorgeous and I am sure it will fill your fluffly-shoujo needs!

2. Ano Ko to Issho volume 04 chapter 13: Oh Kazumi….When we last left the magical world of Ano ko, Kazumi is freaked out over a "mystery" email that she's received showing a picture of herself and the oh-so-much-an-a**hole Miyata. And Kanori has found out a little bit more about her boyfriend's past while also having met his mom and brother.

Update: Started a new project! Welcome to the our group Lin and AshleyMarie~

3. Life x 01 chapter 01: *new project* This will be the last new project that we add to our lists for awhile. What happens after you die? And is there a way to make it back?

4. Nounai Poison Berry volume 01 chapter 03: LOL~"Aren't the actions of a criminal stalker and a stalker acting out of love completely different?!" Ummm…no. A stalker is a stalker.

Update: A day of fives! We've got three Arcana stories for today and next up on the menu might be a little Bitou lovin'! ;)
Thank you to The Zero Alliance!

5. Arcana volume 01 chapter 05 - Butler of Worry by Higashiyama Kazuko: Why does the head butler seem to always be glaring and staring at our lead male? Is our lead doing something wrong or is it something else...

6. Arcana volume 14 chapter 05 - Master, in disguise. by Asada Yasuka: Yummy looking ninjas~ ♥
A cute little story about the head of a household that desperately wants to go to the festival.

7. Arcana volume 15 chapter 05 - Kimi to Issho ni (With You) by Gunjou: This little short made my day - childhood friends galore! XD

Update: Chapter two of our sexy pirates and like I promised some Bitou lovin'! Be sure to give thanks to Stiletto Heels for Bitou Lollipop chapter! Also we should have chapter 3 of Aoki ready to go within the next few days~ ^^

8. Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime chapter 02: Bondage? Why Raju, I thought you'd never ask. ;)
Arg. I always know when I'm really liking a series because I want to start commenting on every page…but then you guys would start to get annoyed if I interjected my voice on each page…arg.
By the way, I can't read "Resistance is Futile." without it being in the Borg's voice.
Thanks Star Trek.

9. Bitou Lollipop volume 03 chapter 10: When we last left the Bitou world Madoka's dad had ran off with all the money leaving Madoka and her mother penniless. Madoka then resolves to take care of herself by getting a job. Tomoyo goes into a hissy-fit and Ono is letting his true colors show.

Update: To finish up our hot dog days we have the end of Otomentaru and a chapter of sexy pirates.

10. Otomentaru volume 02 chapter Extra 02 - System vs Freedom: It's Riko's first day at a new school and she's elected as Student President. How will this transfer student fare?

It's the end of Otomentaru! Thank you so much to all the wonderful staffers that helped with this project - Tilly, Miki, Cherrie Lacie, urdzy, Sanakan, AshleyMarie, koshka, and aina25. You guys are the bomb-diggity! XD

11. Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime chapter 03: Claer says- Stockholm syndrome setting in…

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Wow Urdzy! The twist in your dream is worthy of M. Night Shamalan. haha
    Thanks for the releases! Have a great week!

  2. I wish Utaenai Fairy was a series. I loved it! At the end I was thinking I want to read more of this manga. Tahnks for the release!

  3. That is a crazy dream! Do you ever have dreams that upon waking up, you think would make an awesome movie or television show, if only you had the means/right connections? It happens to me. In fact, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Will Smith, I've an awesome idea for a movie.... No joke, I dreamed up a premise, a lead actor and a movie title... it boggles my mind how vivid this potential summer blockbuster was!

    Aside from that, thank you for the releases! Your kids are growing up fast! This is probably a silly question but do you think you'll want to make bento lunches for them?

  4. oh man Ano Ko To Issho... the drama is going to make me crazy one of these days, but i can't leave it. you guys need to seriously always post it with a happy follow-up. i don't know, you could splice in a few panels from Yotsuba&! or something, right? or pictures of baby otters and hedgehogs from the Emergency Puppy tumblr?

    you know, like every time there's a page with a picture of that a**hole Miyata, we could have a page of pictures of sloth hugs. or adorable baby penguins.

    so what do you think? it'll be the new fad in shoujo drama scanlation, right?! ;)

    (jk jk. i really do love Ano Ko to Issho, but I find myself reading bits of it from behind my fingers because it's so dramadrama)

  5. Wow...what a dream...
    Thank you!

  6. Wow, things are really getting interesting in Ano Ko to Issho

  7. @Rexy
    You should write out your screenplay and send it to a writers festival/contest!^^

    I want to! (and I would have) But the school that my kids go to have a "family-style" lunch program. So the kids don't bring lunches to school.
    It was actually something that I was pretty bummed about when I found out.

  8. @keri LOL
    I feel the same way! Ano ko sometimes is just TOO MUCH! I love it, but it's SOOOOO soapy. But the baby penguin idea is something I could get behind. ;)

  9. lol Love your dream story =) And I recognize the masquerade image =D A CINDERELLA STORY!! Hell yeah xD

  10. Thanks a lot for all the great releases!

  11. Haha, cool dream. Funny how that developed. Made it more memorable though, I am sure. Thanks for all the hard work and continuous effort in getting these wonderful stories out to us non Japanese speakers. Greatly appreciated. Good luck getting your yungins ready for the new academic year!

  12. Thanks so much for the second chapter of Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime ! ^o^

  13. Thank you for the great job:)

  14. thanks for the release of aoki umi!

  15. Thank you so much for working on Bitou!! I love this series and can't wait to read more!!

  16. Laughed hard at the dream! XD Thanks for the releases!


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