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Forbidden Garden Turns 3!

And this belle has to go to the ball. And just like Cinderella we've a new carriage, fairy godmothers, loads of sparkly make-up, and a pretty new gown. (But unlike Cinderella the changes will last longer than midnight.)

I want to start by introducing the amazing fairy godmothers who worked so hard to change our lovely Cinder…FG to what she is. *brings spot-light around* SO LET'S ALL GIVE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR… our amazing Ba-Banana, our lovely toppichu, and our ever speedy sekushibijin84!!!! These three not only worked tirelessly with the coding on the site, gave Cinderella new graphics, gave you a new a way to read our releases, and took over a lot of the editing work so that I could have more sanity. ^^
Thank you to all three of you for really going the extra mile to make this anniversary the best! Also I would like to thank woxxy from FoolRulez for helping me with the coding for the reader but also being so patient with all of my extra requests. You really are a…

Nom Nom Nom

Welcome Sunday!