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I'm not crying...

In case you have been wondering where we've been the past few weeks, I'm back in school. *crowd cheers* But on the flip side, I am taking Anatomy and Physiology this semester. Which to those of you who have never taken this devil class, it is one that just a glance at the book sitting on my floor makes me curl up in the fetal position crying and holding my teddy. And I am NOT talking cute quiet tears that shake my shoulders - oh no - I mean BIG FAT uncontrollable waves of sobs that penetrates the walls and causes all of my neighbors to believe that someone is actually dying in my home. So in case you are wondering where I am - I'm busy.

Questions you may be having by this point:

What is this frackin password? We've had several of our loyal and awesome fans email/comment about how much they wanted the password system back in place because they actually enjoy the hunt. Many told us that they would gladly shower us with cupcakes if we brought it back. So while I can't…