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stressed is desserts spelled backwards

It's the little things really that make me happy.
Recently we held a contest for everyone to join in and get passwords and a special release. Here out participants - please vote on the right hand side to decide the winner!



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Today we are jump-starting our project Sakura Ryou March. From this point on this project will be carried out by FG alone. We wish Shoujo Addiction the very best in all of their future endeavors. To retrieve your gift, find out what stressed is spelled backwards.

Totally random - but happy late birthday to Nozomi! ;)

Okay since it's been about four months since we last released March, we'll give you a quick overview: WARNING TO THOSE THAT HAVEN'T READ CHAPTER ONE - TONS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!

We meet our lead, Sakura, who is beginning her new life. She soon meets Isshiki in the most unexpected way-- (( I call that a good introduction! And OF COURSE it was her first kiss...when is it not?))

We quickly realize that Sakura's father…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On most days I would say this is how my little family looks (of course adding an additional rainbow for the princess (our daughter has taken to calling herself/anyone wearing a skirt this). But today - TODAY - is a day that I would happily kick a puppy for being in my way. Oh today is the day that I could joyfully skip over a fallen grandma and dust my dirty feet on her hand-made shawl. Hell, I might even see a small child with a balloon and pop it right in that sobbing child's face.
MY EVIL HAS NO BOUNDS!!! mwahaha~~~

And at this point you may be asking 'Oh dear god, WHY?! urdzy, why are you putting your family/friends/flying butterfies through such horror?! Where does this evil come from??"

Why you ask--

So enjoy your weekend - Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm going to go grind some rocks with my bare hands! mwahahahaha!

But on the nice people track----->
toppichu made all you pretty people a wallpaper from our project Bitou Lollipop.
Thank you toppi for being…

The Fan

We've all had them - that all-encompasing crush for the unattainable.
They taunt us daily with their impossible talent, witty dialogue, and let's face it - oh so hot bodies.

Over the (many) years I've had a slew of celebrity crushes. (I'm such an unfaithful fan.) Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Patrick Thomas, Wu Chun, John Travolta, Ian Somerhalder, and Kurt Cobain (and then some) have all graced the covers of my walls.
And with each new "crush" brought the regular stalking (mostly watching all the films that person had been in.) But nothing, NOTHING prepared me for what was in my future.

I had joyfully watched Boys Before Flowers, and Personal Taste before with mild interest, but then it hit me. And by it I do mean Lee Min Ho in City Hunter.

To quote thundie:
I thought and I thought of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this.
In the end…
Hell. Why. Not.
We only live once, and we should live giddily, in the moment, no matter how nutty it may seem to others. And s…