The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By *NaBHan

On most days I would say this is how my little family looks (of course adding an additional rainbow for the princess (our daughter has taken to calling herself/anyone wearing a skirt this). But today - TODAY - is a day that I would happily kick a puppy for being in my way. Oh today is the day that I could joyfully skip over a fallen grandma and dust my dirty feet on her hand-made shawl. Hell, I might even see a small child with a balloon and pop it right in that sobbing child's face.
MY EVIL HAS NO BOUNDS!!! mwahaha~~~

And at this point you may be asking 'Oh dear god, WHY?! urdzy, why are you putting your family/friends/flying butterfies through such horror?! Where does this evil come from??"

Why you ask--

So enjoy your weekend - Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm going to go grind some rocks with my bare hands! mwahahahaha!

But on the nice people track----->
toppichu made all you pretty people a wallpaper from our project Bitou Lollipop.
Thank you toppi for being such a wonderful person! ^^

And while I have your attention-only 3 more days to enter:

So it's our first contest!
THE PROJECT: Pretty much we're looking for a new credits page to be used throughout the year on various projects.
-Must be in PSD
-Must have type ready for: Title, Volume/Chapter, Author, Credits, Forbidden Garden
-Must have a "window" of any shape where a picture of project can be put in.
-Have fun!
-An example of what I mean can be found here - but please be more creative than this (it's only a very weak example!)
TIME LIMIT: One month, so in one months time I will make a post including all the applicant's pages. (That will be March 19, 2012)
THE VOTING PROCESS: Will be up to your peers, there will be a simple vote box to the right in which everyone will vote from.
THE PRIZE: The most important part right?
First prize winner will receive 3 months of passwords. So every time we have a release I will email you with that release's password. PLUS you'll get to read one chapter of your choice (excluding joint projects) to read before it's released to any one else!
HOW DO YOU ENTER: Email me at with your PSD of the image.
Good luck!


1. Caramel Kiss volume 03 chapter 16 - BWAHAHAHA! Those eyes! Love love love them! Here's another helping of the baka couples~ XD

2. Hyper Baby volume 03 chapter 14 - Man! People get scary in this chapter! Also wondering if anyone reads these blurbs - to get your chapter type in the available spot - guilty

3. Zig Zag Don volume 05 chapter 23 - toppichu says: Shocking! Wasn't expecting that to happen....(T-T)

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. oh man that rainbow illustration is crazy adorable in so many ways. i want to cuddle it and hug it and eat it...though i'm not sure where the "eat it" part comes from. i swear i'm like a toddler sometimes.

  2. thanks for your work.

  3. I totally empathize with your pain. Although I luckily only get cramps like once a year, I ALWAYS have mood swings... its like the trauma that would have been cramps all gets manifested in irritability. Yikes. Anyway,
    Thank you so much for these 3 chapters!
    The efforts of the staff are always appreciated!

  4. Thanks for the releases, but I didn't find the password for zig zag don.. :(
    Hence, the release did me no good.

  5. I feel your pain... I feel your pain... *looks at her family keeping their distance from her* and I think them too... orz

    Thanks a lot for the releases :DDD , we read the blurbs, blurbs are fun >w>

    I'll try to make something for the contest before the deadline *-*

  6. Jajajajaja you're so funny!! I always enjoy reading your postos!! Thanks for your hard work and for sharing it with us!!!

  7. Thx so much for the releases^^ ZZD was so sad ...
    Mood swings are really such a pain, but I hope things will calm down again :)

  8. Is the hint for the password there? There's not a lot to read this time or is it me that i'm getting dumb here btw thank you for the release.

  9. Very tricky...thank you for the releases.

  10. there is no hint for password.. do something understandable..

  11. Can't find the password. This is difficult


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