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Winter Break~

So with this semester over for some of us, and a little bragging rights for others - I had a 4.0 semester! - we would like to wish everyone happy holidays (if you celebrate and if not then happy annoying crowds) and hope that this coming year is even more wonderful than the last.

As far as projects go, I know I've been super-slow and I'm sorry about that, but real life does come first. But since we do have a break right now you should see a slight increase in releases. BUT! If you would like to see a HUGE increase then you should think about joining (translators/editors/cleaners) even if it's just for this holiday break.

But anyway for today's goodies~


1. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 23

2. Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime chapter 04

3. Ano Ko to Issho volume 04 chapter 15

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforci…

Labor of Love

So I found this neat little conversation over at MU the other day. The conversation itself has been beat to death by a ton of people, but the way the original poster posted about it was so incredibly cute that I wanted to share. (Originally posted at Manga Updates by mizunosaki)

And then this is how she/he explains how manga reader sites are not okay~

See? Cuteness. XD

Anywho, as always we need translators and editors. Thank you thank you to everyone that has applied so far! =D


1. Lifex01 chapter 03 - The hunt for the eneraru is on!

2. Piece volume 02 chapter 04 - A chapter all about buses! Do you get on, get off, get on the right one, which one is the right one…ahh buses~ Here's the almost 100 page chapter - we are working on the next chapter currently, but again after that we don't have a current translator for it. So even if you want to translate just one chapter (chapters of Piece are about 80-100 pages) then please contact!

3. Raspberry Field no Majo volume 0…

Back from the dead...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Not a lot to talk about today (about to start making myself up and then the kids for tonight's festivities.) But I hope everyone stays safe and has lots of fun tonight!

Just a quick couple of announcements:

1. We have a chapter of Piece ready, I just didn't have time to complete it for tonight's release. So you can expect it hopefully by this weekend.

2. We have some new staff - I'll introduce them to you next time. (Although we do love you and appreciate you, I'm just in a hurry.)

3. I will update the reader and site later (not today)

4. WE NEED MORE STAFF!!! (Especially translators and experienced editors/qcers)


1. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 21 - Life is about to get really strange - and scary - and might I say, never piss off a man that can speak to ghosts.

2. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 22 - Only one more chapter to go and we're done with volume 4! Have a great night everyone!

If you are an uploader and …

I'm not crying...

In case you have been wondering where we've been the past few weeks, I'm back in school. *crowd cheers* But on the flip side, I am taking Anatomy and Physiology this semester. Which to those of you who have never taken this devil class, it is one that just a glance at the book sitting on my floor makes me curl up in the fetal position crying and holding my teddy. And I am NOT talking cute quiet tears that shake my shoulders - oh no - I mean BIG FAT uncontrollable waves of sobs that penetrates the walls and causes all of my neighbors to believe that someone is actually dying in my home. So in case you are wondering where I am - I'm busy.

Questions you may be having by this point:

What is this frackin password? We've had several of our loyal and awesome fans email/comment about how much they wanted the password system back in place because they actually enjoy the hunt. Many told us that they would gladly shower us with cupcakes if we brought it back. So while I can't…

A Dream Come...True?

Whew! This past month has been hectic and wonderful. Here in a few weeks my babies are all going to be starting school. I can't believe my eldest is starting kindergarten! Time flies far too fast.

So, the last night I had a fantastic dream in which I was at a masquerade ball. It's always been a personal dream of mine to go to a ball and dance the night away.

Anyway, I was standing at the top of stairs (like so many teen dramas) sparkling as some mystery hand takes the shawl that is covering my beautiful dress up. The spotlight turns on to me and I shield my eyes from the sudden shock of the bright light. As my eyes adjust I look down and all eyes are on me and my fabulous costume. I spot my date across the room and give a small smile and wave, when suddenly the Star Wars Throne Room song plays.

I think to myself this can't be right and as I look down trying to figure out why this strange music would be playing for my dream entrance to a ball; when I realize that I…

Happy 4 years and my point is... elephants are cute too!

I never knew elephants can be so cute. I don't like animals that are larger than me, So I'll never go near an elephant. However, when I saw an elephant in the drama that I was watching last night, I just couldn't help thinking how adorable it was when it came to the rescue of it's owner. The cuties part EVER is when the elephant was walking and nibbling on a huge leaf (don't know what kind of leaf it was but it was huge o-o..).


Hey everyone! I've abducted toppichu's post~ mwhahaha! ;) Anywho - HAPPY 4 YEARS TO FORBIDDEN GARDEN!!!!!!!!
I am so overly happy and touched by everyone's love, devotion, and support over the years. Let's look to make it another happy 4! So to celebrate all of YOU we bring you goodies galore!
Two very quick announcements: 1. I'm going to be gone (starting today) on a much needed Adult-time vacation. (I love my kids, but this is a vacation with adults! All the time! With floating on rivers! ~~~~ahhhhhh!) Which me…

Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime

Author: Ayumura Yuki
Genre: adventure, romance, shoujo
Status: 2 volumes(complete)
Year: 2012
Summary: In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries, Kourozen, also known as God's country the princess, Matsurika, is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Cantabria, a major power. One night, Matsurika is suddenly kidnapped by an intruder and brought to the open sea.
The man, Raju, who calls himself a pirate, says he will sacrifice Matsurika on the legendary altar, to attain his wish---
The princess of God's country, the pirate surrounded by mystery.
A pirate tale about an ancient lore and the legendary altar. Let the battle begin!!!

>>Support the author! Buy this manga here!<<
ISBN: 457584134X / 9784575841343

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 02: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 03: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 04: Scan || Translate |…

Life x 01

Author: Kabosu
Genre: shoujo
Status: 2 volumes (complete)
Year: 2012
Summary: It's been a rough day for our leading lady, Ana.
First she finds out that indeed she is half-dead, but then she learns that in order for her to return to the world of the living she must survive a battle royale of sorts with her classmates.
With limited spaces available will our Ana make it back?

We are officially out of translations for this project. If you are able to translate from J-E and would like to help out please email us. (Otherwise this project is put on hold.)

Chapter 01: Released || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online
Chapter 05: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || Released || Read Online
Chapter 06: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || Released || Read Online
Chapter 07: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || Released || Read Online
Chapter 08: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || Released || Read …

Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think.


1. Nounai Poison Berry volume 01 chapter 01 - This is a story about girl who (like most of us) over-thinks every aspect of her life. But instead of just internal monologue it's played out by an actual committee who discuss and wager on everything she does. Personally I have a Hatoko and a Ikeda going back and forth the majority of the time. How about you? What do your voices say? ;)

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy. Also, just in case some of you are having trouble locating the pass today here's a tiny hint - its four letters (all capitalized) with an exclamation point at the end. So, _ _ _ _ ! Good luck!

You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.

Just a quick update today folks.
Please send more cleaners and editors our way~~~


1. Arcana volume 03 chapter 13: Listen to the Song I Sing - Not gonna lie - these raws are really bad, but we all did our best.
Here's another little oneshot about a cantankerous princess who's being forced to marry. Big thanks to our joint partners The Zero Alliance for all of their awesome help! ^^

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

The other day I was reading this neat little story about a man who had his computer stolen from him *not the neat part*, but he had put an app on it that allowed him to access his camera from other devices. He used this to take photos of the man who had taken his laptop and helped to lead the police to the thief.

After reading this story most people would feel a sense of congratulations toward the young man for being prepared. Or they might even go out and buy this app so that they too can be prepared.

Is this how I react?
Do you know me at all???

Of course the more reasonable thing would have been to feel happiness for the guy and maybe get the app as well. But me, what do I do - I find painter's tape and cover the camera on every device that has an internet connection + camera.

My Computer - check.
Hubby's Computer - check.
My IPhone - check.
Hubby's IPhone - check.
IPad - check.
And just for good measure:
Kinect - check.

Who does this?!
Only the purely paranoid would b…

Nounai Poison Berry

Author: Mizushiro Setona
Genre: josei
Status: 5 volumes (complete)
Year: 2009
Summary: From Asian Girls on Mopeds:
Sakurai Ichiko is a 29-year-old woman whose head contains council members (each with differing personalities) that dictate her every thought and decision. While waiting at the train station one day, she encounters Saotome, a man whom she met and made short conversation with at a drinking party with friends. Although she’s interested in him, being a much a older woman, Ichiko hesitates over whether or not she should approach him, causing a wave of uproar between her intracranial council members.

>>Support the author! Buy this manga here!<<
ISBN: 4088656261 / 978-4088656267

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online
Chapter 05: Released || Read Online
Chapter 06: Released || Read Online

Volume 02
Chapter 07: Released || Read Online
Chapter 08: Released || Read…


Author: Ashihara Hinako
Genre: drama, mystery, romance, school life, shoujo
Status: 10 volumes (complete)
Year: 2008
Summary: From Aerandria Scans:
One day, Mizuho, a university student, receive news that her classmate in high school, Origuchi Haruka, passed away. Mizuho doesn't remember being best friends with Origuchi, but apparently, Origuchi told her mother that Mizuho was her best friend. And now, her mother wants Mizuho to help her find the boy Origuchi dated during high school. Mizuho told Origuchi's mother that Origuchi was a very plain girl, and she was never seen with a guy, but her mother told Mizuho that Origuchi got pregnant and had an abortion when she was in high school. Mizuho was shocked, but she still starts asking her other classmates in high school and following the traces Origuchi left behind.
Chapters 6 on joint with Golden Roze

>>Support the author! Buy this manga here!<<
ISBN: 4091321577 / 978-4091321572

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released by Dragon Vo…

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

I've had a really long weekend so we'll keep this short and sweet shall we? (*≧ω≦)

We have a winner for our contest so please give a round of applause for Vivienne! She'll soon be choosing a chapter to be out - so if you want to give her some suggestions feel free. ;)

Please consider joining if you have some time~


1. Sakura Ryou March volume 01 chapter 03 *END* - I would like to thank all the people who made this project possible - pantouffle, KawaiiLiv, Sanakan, LadiiDi, Meyrin, Hatsumimi, urdzy, Vioxx, toppichu and then of course the oh-so-amazing Shiina Karuho. Thank you for creating such a fun shoujo that we could all enjoy.

2.Arcana volume 16 chapter 11 *NEW* - Here's our first release with our joint partners The Zero Alliance. Expect lots more goodness to come! This is The Stork's Contract, a cute little oneshot about a elder couple who have lived their lives joyfully and fully but still feel the emptiness of nest. Co…

stressed is desserts spelled backwards

It's the little things really that make me happy.
Recently we held a contest for everyone to join in and get passwords and a special release. Here out participants - please vote on the right hand side to decide the winner!



Please vote!

Today we are jump-starting our project Sakura Ryou March. From this point on this project will be carried out by FG alone. We wish Shoujo Addiction the very best in all of their future endeavors. To retrieve your gift, find out what stressed is spelled backwards.

Totally random - but happy late birthday to Nozomi! ;)

Okay since it's been about four months since we last released March, we'll give you a quick overview: WARNING TO THOSE THAT HAVEN'T READ CHAPTER ONE - TONS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!

We meet our lead, Sakura, who is beginning her new life. She soon meets Isshiki in the most unexpected way-- (( I call that a good introduction! And OF COURSE it was her first kiss...when is it not?))

We quickly realize that Sakura's father…