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Hello 2012! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

That's right loves! For your new year present I've put all the download passwords in the comment sections. Just look down (or Ctrl+f/⌘f) and find "The password is..." and it should be there. If I miss any pages just let me know and I'll quickly fill them in.

And while I have your attention:
So it's our first contest!
THE PROJECT: Pretty much we're looking for a new credits page to be used throughout the year on various projects.
-Must be in PSD
-Must have type ready for: Title, Volume/Chapter, Author, Credits, Forbidden Garden
-Must have a "window" of any shape where a picture of project can be put in.
-Have fun!
-An example of what I mean can be found here - but please be more creative than this (it's only a very weak example!)
TIME LIMIT: One month, so in one months time I will make a post including all the applicant's pages. (That will be Feb 1, 2012)
THE VOTING PROCESS: Will be up to your peers, there will be a simpl…

Full as a Tick

Happy holidays to everyone! I am so full - and well I should be, I went to 4 different christmas parties today alone! I've got another three to go to before the week is over >.<

I would like to say thank you and happy holidays to FG's staff - you guys are amazing and I hope each of you get the vacation you all deserve and get to spend time with your loved ones.
And know that we all love you so much here! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
And happy holidays to our readers~ how were your celebrations? Did you eat as much as I did? ^^;; Honestly I hope not, I feel sick because I'm so full. It's hard when the people around you act as though it's a personal attack if you DON'T eat their food. Personally, I think their all just in an evil league to make me fat.

Here is a little something that makes me SO HAPPY:

And now to the good stuff~



1.Otomentaru volume 02 Extra 1 - The Boy Next Door - An actual Christmas themed chapter on Christmas! Sweet and cut…


Author: Yokoyama Mayumi
Genre: comedy, romance, school life, shoujo
Status: 2 volumes (complete)
Year: 2007
Summary: This series is about a girl named Otome who's searching for love now that she has entered high school. But of course, finding love isn't going to be easy, especially if you have three delinquent boys who are your childhood friends. Otome explains to the boys that since they are in high school now, she wants to find love and fall deeply in love, but Tokio (one of her childhood friends) insist that she be part of his plan. He dreams of taking over the school and becoming a grand gang leader; he'll even let her join as the sub-leader. What is she going to do? As she sneaks away from the boys, she catches a couple of girls watching the most popular boy, Touyou, being confessed to!? Is this love at first sight? She decides to spy/stalk him... what will she find out?

>>Support the author! Buy this manga here!<<
ISBN: 4091312039 / 9784091312037

Volume 01

The Tale of Two Faces

So you were asking about my oh-so-awesome date (at least some of you were wondering ^^;;) so I thought I would share today.
Since it's nearing Christmas in my town, the commerce likes to do a lot of holiday activities. One such activity was an outdoor showing of The Grinch That Stole Christmas. It's a treat to have an outdoor showing, so I was pretty excited about this. I packed a couple of sandwiches, some cookies, some hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), a couple of bananas, and loads of blankets. We set out for the park (where they were showing it), I was wearing a necklace that he'd given me and we snuggled under the covers. The movie was great but what made it the best was when he looked up at me and said "I love you mommy"- my heart melted.

So since this is called a Tale of two faces here's the other side to my handsome son~

My husband likes to play a game about bumping vehicles with his car when my sons in the car. Now before you think anything bad t…