The Tale of Two Faces

If you're wondering why the Spirited Away pic - Two Face led me to think NoFace, thus it works. ^^

So you were asking about my oh-so-awesome date (at least some of you were wondering ^^;;) so I thought I would share today.
Since it's nearing Christmas in my town, the commerce likes to do a lot of holiday activities. One such activity was an outdoor showing of The Grinch That Stole Christmas. It's a treat to have an outdoor showing, so I was pretty excited about this. I packed a couple of sandwiches, some cookies, some hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), a couple of bananas, and loads of blankets. We set out for the park (where they were showing it), I was wearing a necklace that he'd given me and we snuggled under the covers. The movie was great but what made it the best was when he looked up at me and said "I love you mommy"- my heart melted.

So since this is called a Tale of two faces here's the other side to my handsome son~

My husband likes to play a game about bumping vehicles with his car when my sons in the car. Now before you think anything bad they don't actually bump anyone and my son knows it's a game. He even tells others about it not being real it's just imaginary bumping (he's really too smart for his own good.) Anywho - so me and my son were driving around one day when I jokingly said how about we "bump" this car in front of us.
My son, being the evil master-mind he is, said, "Yeah! And then her wheels will come off and then she'll have to go get her tires fixed, and...and...IT'LL TAKE A LONG TIME AT THE SHOP! MWAHAHAHAHA!"
I love that in his master evil plan, the worst thing that could happen to the other car is that she'd have to wait for a long time at the tire shop. XDD

On to unrelated good news - this is slightly old news but, for all the lovers of Ranma 1/2 they are now coming out with a live action! I'm actually pretty stoked about this, in the early '90s this was a series that my friends and I would follow. (I loved Shampoo). But if you want more info on this then just go here. (plus you can see pics!)

And the last bit of news that actually is related to FG~
We're picking up a new project!

I'll give you three hints for this and whoever guesses will win a prize? get a high-five? know that they guessed correctly? I dunno...but here you go!
1. The image above is from the series.
2. It's something that was dropped long ago from a different scan group.
3. Gangster male lead.

And that's all you get!


1.Caramel Kiss volume 03 chapter 12 - Riku makes moves on an old lady?! When is she just going to fall in love with Yuu...(・`ω´・)

2.Colorful Pallet volume 03 chapter 13 - Not cute??! Pha! She's super cute - you eat dirt Hideo.ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

3.Otomentaru volume 02 chapter 07 - Here is the first out of three of our new project Otomentaru. I hope you enjoy reading the end of the gangster love triangle! Congrats to Nozomi for guessing correctly! p(*^-^*)q

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. The classified information you are looking for is Uryuu . Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Thanks so much for the release, took me awhile to find it but I did. Happy Holidays everyone :D

  2. Thanks a lot for the releases :DDD
    And your son is so cute ;w; daaaaaaaaaaw that sound like an awesome date :3

    I think it's Otomentaru, but I could be soooo wrong too xDD but hey last time I was right about Bambi no Tegami :3

  3. Your son is so adorably "evil" haha. Thanks for the releases! I have no clue what the release it but from that image it looks incredibly funny! :)

  4. I can't get the password :( , can you tell me pleeeaaasssee????

  5. Thanks a lot for the great release and for the info on Ranma 1/2^^ Didn't know about that but I'll definitely watch it ;)

  6. thank you for the release and the story about the most handsome gentleman^^

  7. @NozomiYou got it again! High-five! (*^▽^)/

  8. And awwwww~~~Thank you everyone!
    I love my little man - he really knows how to pull all the heart strings. =D

  9. yaaaaaaay!!!! *-* High-five! \(≧▽≦*)
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to the new releases :3

  10. D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwh, your son is so adorable! ♥ How's the little one doing? (Or is this the little one? XD) Time sure flies by so fast! I remember you being all preggo, Mama Urdzy!!!
    Anyways, thanks for the release and dangit, made me look hard for that password. xD

  11. @MaiAh, the little one is doing well. She's growing big, talking, forming her own opinions (she loves Dora!) ^^
    But thank you for asking~

  12. Thank you so much for picking up Otomentaru! I've been waiting so long to see how this series ends. It was left at such a cliff-hanger too. I'm so grateful that it will be translated to completion. Thank you !

  13. Thank you for continuing scanning Otomentaru, but in the future would it be possible to make the password a little bit more easier to find? Sorry, I don't mean to be a prick, and honestly I do like your blog entries but I just think I may be retarded or something since I've read the post many times and still can't figure out what you mean for a password to be. Is it a sentence, a word, two words, five words? Is it one of the quotes? A capped word, a misspelled word?

    It's not the most pressing issue in the world and thanks for your online reader, but I'm just hoping that would be ok. If it's not ok, maybe you could write in the faq some standard for the passwords that we should look out for?

    Again, thanks for the scans.

  14. Thank you for the release. You are so tricky cos it took me a while to figure out the password.

  15. ...Welp, I was so excited to see someone pick up Otomentaru, and I can't even read it. I tried for over 20 minutes reading again and again the silly blog and ended up just disliking this whole thing. Go to the faqs to try to see if there is a pattern to this, of course not. Just yell at people looking to figure out how to get access to your releases... Honestly...

  16. You are a mastermind yourself, I have been reading and rereading for hours and still cannot find the password! Either way, thank you so much for Otomentaru, I'm looking forward to see how this ends.

  17. YAY thank you very much for picking this! <3
    haha and about the password - I can't find it either but it's somehow amusing. I will be very happy when I get it haha
    cheeeeers :3

  18. I'm glad everyone is so happy about Otomentaru! :)

    @Anon December 20, 2011 11:22 PM: You weren't being a prick at all! It was a very well formulated question without bashing anyone so I really appreciate it!

    As far as why I don't have a "standard for the passwords" in the FAQ is honestly because no one had ever asked before - so I can put one in there no problem! :)

    But to answer your question it usually follows the format of the password is ______
    and whatever is after, is the password. Now it won't outright say "password is" but it will say something like The thing you are looking for is _____ .....or to open your presents you will need _____.
    Every now and then it'll be posed as a question that you would find the answer in the text. Like for example if I was going to do a question pw on this text I could do: To open the release you will need to know who was my favorite Ranma 1/2 character.

    But usually it follows the simple format of Password is _____ .

    It's never been a linked password so you never have to leave the one post to find the password.

    I hope that answers your question~

  19. Haha! I didn't find the pass after searching for almost half an hour yesterday but today it just clicked for me! ^__^ I'm glad I didn't give up! XD

  20. I'm begging on my knees, please give me a hint. I spent an hour at least reading and rereading looking for the pw yesterday, without victory. So I gave it a try today, and atlas I feel like an idiot. Please have mercy on a dummy!

  21. Hi! thanks for the release, I was finally found the password and now the link for Otomentaru is broken. So....please, if you could change the link, BUT NOT the pass, Im gonna be sooooooo happy just like a child waiting for santa. Thanks for allways have witty posts!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! from Argentina with love.

  22. Hi Anochan!

    Okay the link should be fixed now - if you still have problems with it just email me. ^^

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you as well! XD

  23. Hi, thanks a lot for all your projets. I found the password but the link does not seem to work.

  24. @Anon: I just tried it on all three releases and it worked - so all I can say is try again and if you still have problems just email me the chapter you're wanting + password.

    Once the holidays are over I'm hoping to back up all the download links to 4shared as well - but that has to wait ^^;;

  25. Hello!

    Many thanks for the chapters but I really don't find the password... I don't understand how to find it... I could try all the words of the news...

  26. Thank you for the all the work that you put into Forbidden Garden. I really enjoy the releases that you do, I also enjoy the password search game. I have to admit that you won this round, I read the passage over and over and I was scanning the images to see if the clue was in there, but for some reason I just skimmed the small print. It goes to show you, always read the small print, you never know when it's gonna change.


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