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Blank means blank ( ゚ヮ゚)

Happy birthday to our August babies! *kisses!*
Also we want to welcome to our family two new members - kanameyu, our new Korean AND Japanese to English Translator (be jealous by her awesomeness! ^.~ ) AND kpossible, our new QC who we've stolen BORROWED from another oh-so-awesome group.
Other than that, I don't really have much to say this week - be good everyone wish all our birthday girls good luck for the next year and welcome our new staffies!
No password this week, but for all of you that want a challenge here's a puzzle:
Want to know the answer? I'll put it in the comments. =D


1.Zig Zag Don volume 03 chapter 14 - Don't be weird Nukui.

EDIT: Aug. 28, 2011
2.Caramel Kiss volume 02 chapter 9 - What do they feed those freakin' rabbits?! o.O Also (other than the scary rabbits) so much cuteness in this chapter you'll want to poke your eyes out! XDD Kaname-sponge!!!!

3.Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 19 - This is the last Is…

Tick Tock

Happy hot-as-hell month! I swear just stepping out of my front door strips all the water/energy out of my body. It's exhausting (whiiiiine!)

Beyond the scorching sun (that will never let up), life is chugging along. The other day my son and I was at the park and a male runner comes running toward us wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. My son stops and points at this dude and yells, "Mommy, he's NAKED!"

We need translators! Please~~~!

Also, some of the staff and I have been thinking of shutting down the forum. Most of you awesome readers use the site anyway and it's just another thing that I have to update. So I'll give it a week and then we'll be closing it down. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone too much - but on the upside if there's just one thing that I have to update then it's more time to do releases!


1.Half & Half volume 02 chapter 08 - One more chapter till the end~!
Second Link

2.Para Paru volume 03 cha…