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Happy hot-as-hell month! I swear just stepping out of my front door strips all the water/energy out of my body. It's exhausting (whiiiiine!)

Beyond the scorching sun (that will never let up), life is chugging along. The other day my son and I was at the park and a male runner comes running toward us wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. My son stops and points at this dude and yells, "Mommy, he's NAKED!"

We need translators! Please~~~!

Also, some of the staff and I have been thinking of shutting down the forum. Most of you awesome readers use the site anyway and it's just another thing that I have to update. So I'll give it a week and then we'll be closing it down. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone too much - but on the upside if there's just one thing that I have to update then it's more time to do releases!


1.Half & Half volume 02 chapter 08 - One more chapter till the end~!
Second Link

2.Para Paru volume 03 chapter 11 - It's baaaaaack!!!! I loled at one of the author notes. Even Ishida Takumi said that the first part was going kinda slow...but she promises that it'll start to pick up quickly! OH! And so I goofed while numbering these pages, and had to re-do the whole thing manually by looking at the raws and then back to the finish product to determine the page number (because they all were out of order) it was a big lengthy mess that I honestly was going to put off. But then I thought of you guys and how long you've been waiting - so here you go! ;)

3. Caramel Kiss volume 02 chapter 08 - A note from our translator, Claer: Yep and now it's chapter 8! Wow I wonder what the humans thought of a certain someone flying/crashing through the air at top speed!
Haha this volume was really interesting so I just had to finish reading everything before I started translating at all~~ and at the end of the volume I was like "noooo~~~ now what's going to happen!!!!"
Anyway digression, but I LOVE Meru on page 52! So much attitude :) She's really somewhat different from the stereotypical shoujo heroine :D I realized as the series went on that I'm liking Meru more and more. Especially when Riku is not around to solve all her problems and save her all the time and put up with her selfishness she shows quite a lot of strength of character.

4. Half & Half volume 02 chapter 09 *END*- Good-bye Half & Half. I really enjoyed this series and am a little sad that it's only 2 volumes, but it's been a joy to work on. Most likely we're going to pick up more of Nanami Mao's works as soon as we finish up a couple more series. I would like to thank all of the staff who worked on H&H: sekushibijin84 , urdzy, Sanakan, Tomoko, hiyokoiz, and aina25. Thank you for your hard-work everyone!

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Yay first to comment!!!

    The pw this time is so sneaky~~~ I read the post so many times and was about to post that I couldn't find it when I figured I would try again... and then I found it!

  2. Is it? I thought it was easier this time ^^;;

  3. Yikes that password was hard to find! I was even about to write a program to bruteforce the password using the text in the post as dictionary.

  4. i liked the way its hidden this time

  5. jajajaja it was hard to find it.... Thanks for the releases!!!

  6. I couldn't figure out the password so I just used the reader. Thanks you for the new chapter!

  7. hahaha, brilliant way to hide the password!

  8. mwahahaha i FOUND IT SOOO faaaaast!!! But I wasn't writing it the right way!! Thanks for paru paru I luv it so much!!

    PS:THE pw things is really funny

  9. I can't find the password... Seriously I've read the post so many times (at least 20-30 times) and still can't find it. Please help.

  10. Newbie here!
    I LOVE how you hid the password!
    Great idea (fun, too!), and thanks for sharing.

  11. The password this time really made me laugh. So funny
    Please always hide your passwords-

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Awww I'm really sad that Half and Half is over! thank you so very much for the release, I really appreciate your work! And thanks so much for scanlating a series as wonderful as Half and Half! *cries* It would be absolutely wonderful if you scanlated more of the mangaka's works!

  14. Thank you for scanlationg Half & Half and thank you again for *finishing* it!

  15. Hahaha, I just love how you hid the password~! Anyways, thank you for the release.

  16. i cant find a the password oh will i'll just try 2 more times but im giving up i rather not hurt my brain just to solve the password, i already didn't get my 24 hour sleep and this password is adding more to it. @o@

  17. SHOCKER found the password where i wasn't looking after watching the Source code movie i saw that my browser was still open and thought maybe someone had posted to help me with the password but while i scrolled
    i just saw it as i was just wondering about those and oh there it was!

  18. WOW awesome way to hide the password *_*
    Love you guys <333
    Thank you for new chapters :)

  19. Oh my i wasted too much time lookin' fr the pass and everytime that was right on my face


  20. ahahahahahahaha!!! didn't expect it to be there! i've read the post for 3-5 times and the person above me said the clue and i got it! a good way to hide the password btw~

  21. Thank you for the realeases!!!... TT Half and Half is over, yet i love the ending, so, it could be worse.
    Good and funny way to hide the PW anyway ;p

  22. LOL i was thinkin of givin up coz i cant think straight now BWAHAHAHA on 2nd thought d pass is easy TQ !!! u can see it if u look wit ur EYE luv u guys xD

  23. many thanks for the releases... even if I didn't find the password and I can't read them...

  24. I really laughed when i found the pasword.
    Thanks for the reease.

  25. OMGgggggggggggggggggg great way of hiding the password!!! This is my first time to download something like this where I have to find the password before lol it's quite fun xD b-but it was rather difficult LOL I'm... slow like that haha and also,
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR SCANNING AND TRANSLATING THIS MANGA!!!!! You guys are awesome beyond words >///<

  26. Hi. I don't know if it's a fluke but Half and Half chapter 8 will not download. It's there but nothing happens when I click it. Thanks for the hard work by the way.

  27. Sorry about that - I've posted a second download link - I hope that works for you, just let me know if you have any other problems! :)



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