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Gang-E pretty much sums up how I've felt lately.  I've just reached that point where I'm just tired.  Yes, I'm sleeping at night (sometimes) and yes, there are moments where the kids are down and I don't have anything to do that I could spend scanlating, but I'm tired.
So, I took the week off from scanlating and watched movies.  Especially older movies.  I think I watched Funny Girl like 3 times this past week. Oh! And anything with Yul Brynner in it. Is it weird that I suddenly think he's really attractive? 

Silly Love Songs

On this beautiful day for lovers we bring you a plethora of goodies. But before that, let me tell you a tale of a whirlwind romance that has changed my perspective forever.  So sit back, start your downloads, and listen to my tale.
And also to everyone who stops by our little corner of the world, happy valentine's day!  A completely NOT made-up for Hallmark purposes holiday.  That we reserve for Christmas. (I kid, I kid...)


So, I had planned to get the last chapter of Bambi done today...but as I was going about saving the files (after having cleaned and typesetting) my PS decides to quit.  I lost all of the work since I was too confident that this wouldn't happen. So now I have to start back at the beginning...FML. =.=