Silly Love Songs

On this beautiful day for lovers we bring you a plethora of goodies.
But before that, let me tell you a tale of a whirlwind romance that has changed my perspective forever.  So sit back, start your downloads, and listen to my tale.

And also to everyone who stops by our little corner of the world, happy valentine's day!  A completely NOT made-up for Hallmark purposes holiday.  That we reserve for Christmas. (I kid, I kid...)

[Friday, Feb. 4th]
After a long week of brutal winter storms and overall nasty weather, we get home to realize that there was no hot water in the entire house.  My husband quickly turns on the stove, just to check if the gas is off, and the fire ignites.  We think there must be some problem with the pipes, but since it's so late there's no one we can call, so we decide to skip all hot water activities (aka baths) for the night and we'll deal with it the next morning.

After putting all the ingredients together to make my oh-so-awesome homemade apple-y cinnamon rolls (I'm talking completely handmade - no Pillsbury for me!) I go to put it into the oven, only to realize there's no heat...!!
Okay. This is obviously a gas problem.  My hubby pays the bill and we figure that it'll be turned on on Monday.

By Sunday I'm starting to feel a bit funky.  I haven't had a real shower since Thursday night.  I try to tell myself, it's like camping and this will soon all pass.  (Just so you won't think I'm completely disgusting, we had been talking quick/spit baths, but its too 'effin cold to take a full-blown shower.)  But Monday just doesn't feel like it will come soon enough.

The day has arrived!!!
(end of day) No one has come to fix the gas. =.=

Called the gas company to yell at someone fix the whole situation and am assured that someone will be out the next day to fix the gas.

[Wednesday - the day of the love affair]
In he walks, all six foot two, and pulls out his tools and quickly gets to work.  In on time at all it's all fixed and in his deep reassuring manly voice asks if there is anything else that I need help with...

And then it happened.  I've never felt so enveloped and complete before.  A few times during the two hours that we were together I had to stop and think is this really real?!  There wasn't a place on my whole body that wasn't caressed by that warm embrace.  I realized that there has never been anyone or anything that felt so right, like finally this was the piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my life.

But of course all things must come to an end.  I started feeling dizzy, hot, and overall just tired of standing.  Suddenly something that was so perfect only moments before, I couldn't wait to be done with.

So I shut it off, and although I have enjoyed every shower I have had thereafter, I haven't had one that has felt as amazing.

I hope you all enjoy your lovey-dovey holiday and appreciate every drop of hot water you have. ;)

Your Releases:

Bambi no Tegami c05 (end) - A fairytale in the land of apples...
This brings us to the end of Bambi.  We hope you enjoyed this too cute series!!

Issho ni Neyou yo c04 - The moments where she's screaming but you can't hear it, the silence is truly deafening.  And the end of this chapter took my breath away...

Flower v02 Extra - First love and first much heartbreak today! >.<
Although, this is one of my favorite "Extras" story.

Bitou Lollipop c05 - That's why you never trust an old man in a white van. (Kidnap/Rape/Murder 101)

Cherries Fight c04 (end) - "I don't want a weirdo who's happy as he crawls towards me!!!" Oh reeeeallly?? Well...I'll take him then. fufufufu ^.~

A big thank you to all of Forbidden Garden's staff and to Noir, Doko Demo Doa, and Stiletto Heels.

Also, we are looking for more J->E & C->E translators.  Go look at our project lists, oogle over the awesomeness that is (and that could be) and join! XD


  1. Happy Valentine to Forbidden Garden :D lost of love for all the satffies <3

    Thanks so much for all the releases, especially bambi no tegami *0*

    And that was such a romantic tale xDD things like that make me feel a bit relieved to live in a place with no winter or snow ;) and even then, I shower with warm water xDDD

    I hope you all a great day :) remember it's not just for love but friends too ;D (yeah we single people love to remind that to couples xDD) <3

  2. Happy Valentines Nozomi!

    It was rough few days at our house. T.T

    Of course! It's a fantastic day to shower all your loved ones with hearts! (Not just the romantic ones) ^^

  3. Thank you so much for the releases!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Thank you so much and Happy Valentine's Day^^
    Also, great tale xD It's also snowing again right here where I live, so I'm reaaally looking forward to spring^^

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Thanks for the releases!

  6. Wow, so many new releases! Thank you all for your hard work.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. thanks so much for releasing so many good series today! thanks for all of your hard work!

  8. Yes, thanks so much for finishing some of these guys, great releases all around!

  9. Yay, thank you! :D Happy Valentine's Day <3

  10. Thank you so much for the releases!!!

  11. thank you for releases!!
    i really love to read "bambi no tegami" is so cute and a little sad..


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