Gang-E pretty much sums up how I've felt lately.  I've just reached that point where I'm just tired.  Yes, I'm sleeping at night (sometimes) and yes, there are moments where the kids are down and I don't have anything to do that I could spend scanlating, but I'm tired.

So, I took the week off from scanlating and watched movies.  Especially older movies.  I think I watched Funny Girl like 3 times this past week. Oh! And anything with Yul Brynner in it. Is it weird that I suddenly think he's really attractive? 

I did get one chapter done so here you go.  Hopefully next week I'll get my bottom in gear and have more to share...or maybe I'll just go back to bed. ;)

Issho c05: The end of the first volume! We most likely will be taking a break from our weekly release of this series next week, so we should get the start of volume 02 the week after. (hopefully)


  1. Yay! Thanks for ch 5 of Issho ni Neyou yo.

  2. Hope you will start feeling better =)

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Yul Brynner will always be eternally attractive. That voice, those eyes! If you want another old movie suggestion, watch Charade. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant are wonderful in it. I love them both but Cary Grant is sooo handsome ^_~
    Thanks for the release!

  4. Thank you for the new chapter!

  5. Thank you! I feel a bit better...okay well really I still feel like poop. I somehow have gotten an ear infection in both ears - but I'm getting back to work on scans! T.T

    @Anon: Yay! I'm not alone in my Yul Brynner love!!! XD
    That voice I know! Whew! And that steel gaze - ah! Be still my heart!!
    I went on a huge Brynner movie marathon. Everything from the Ten Commandments, Anastasia, The King and I (of course), and pretty much everything else that Netflix has to offer. :)

    Now Charade is one that I've never seen - but with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant you really can't go wrong! I'll have to check it out! =D
    Thanks for the recommendation!


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