Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime

Author: Ayumura Yuki
Genre: adventure, romance, shoujo
Status: 2 volumes(complete)
Year: 2012
Summary: In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries, Kourozen, also known as God's country the princess, Matsurika, is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Cantabria, a major power. One night, Matsurika is suddenly kidnapped by an intruder and brought to the open sea.
The man, Raju, who calls himself a pirate, says he will sacrifice Matsurika on the legendary altar, to attain his wish---
The princess of God's country, the pirate surrounded by mystery.
A pirate tale about an ancient lore and the legendary altar. Let the battle begin!!!

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ISBN: 457584134X / 9784575841343

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 02: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 03: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 04: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 05: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 05.5: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released

Volume 02
Chapter 06: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 07: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 08: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 09: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 10: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released
Chapter 11: Scan || Translate || Clean || Typeset || QC || Released


  1. Plot is pretty good and Raju is so hot ≧∇≦ Fangirl~~<3

  2. Really enjoyed this first chapter and I can't wait to see more! Please continue scanlating and am really excited to see this manga progress. :3 Thanks!

  3. Simply awesome.

  4. Oh wow, read the first chapter and it looks pretty awesome. Totally excited for the next chapter. Thanks guys!

  5. Hi, I'm an italian scanlator and I'd like to ask to you permission to retranslate Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime. My blog's address is: . I've just red your Faq and surely I 'm agree with your conditions. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear good news from you soon.


  6. KIkou ... ^^

    Tks a lot ... this new project seems to be very interesting .... !!! Tks for bringing it to us .... !!!!
    Bises ^^

  7. More please. I love this manga already

  8. Really loved the manga!

  9. thanks a lot! love this manga!

  10. I'm crazy about this manga!

  11. Just read the first two chapters. Great manga, I'm so eager to know what happens next. Thanks for scanlating!

  12. thank you so much! I LOVE THIS MANGA XD

  13. So in love already!!! Keep up the great work please! XD

  14. Amazing Manga. What a fab plot.

  15. I hope you will be giving us the 4th chapter already ;____; it's been so long since the chapter 3 came out... Please, just please give us the next chapter T___T I would really help you but I'm not suited to do anything... I can't translate, typeset, prrofread etc... but I beg you, release me from this suffering already :'(

    - Akari -

  16. Hey it's November, love your job so far, just wondering if your going to post the next chapter soon.!!

  17. pls pls PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!

  18. Please Update i love this

  19. Thank you!!! I love this manga !!! :)

  20. I saw the cover art and I said, "This manga is gonna be good!" Actually, it ended up going beyond my expectations! Thank you!

  21. Thank You for this manga, but I can't dowload the chap 5 because MF ask for password and I don't have it.
    Thanks for yours hard works

  22. Thank you, I'm in love with this manga. Can't wait to know what happens in the next chapters!

  23. you are very slowly!!!!

  24. i hate to say this but i am really tired of waiting and i know you all work hard but please please hurry!

  25. Stop complaining...A group can decide to release as slowly as they want. People should be grateful that a group is spending their own time scanning & translating these mangas for leechers such as ourselves. I myself had experience with working with a group, let me tell you it isn't easy work. It takes time and commitment. Anyways,I just want to say thanks to all the members working on these projects and although I hate waiting I'm not going to complain just because of that.

  26. best manga ever! thank you so much for your hard work! can't wait to see the next chapters!

  27. I love this manga! Can't wait for the next chapters! Raju rules.
    Btw. guys, do you know that whole manga has only 11 chapters? ;_;

  28. @Anon: I know! I wish it could go on for so much longer~~ T.T

  29. Thank you so much for updated this fast !!!!!
    I enjoyed it :DD

    Good luck for the future !!!

  30. That has been really fast o.o I am amazed! Thank you very much for the three chapters!



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