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Labor of Love

So I found this neat little conversation over at MU the other day. The conversation itself has been beat to death by a ton of people, but the way the original poster posted about it was so incredibly cute that I wanted to share. (Originally posted at Manga Updates by mizunosaki)

And then this is how she/he explains how manga reader sites are not okay~

See? Cuteness. XD

Anywho, as always we need translators and editors. Thank you thank you to everyone that has applied so far! =D


1. Lifex01 chapter 03 - The hunt for the eneraru is on!

2. Piece volume 02 chapter 04 - A chapter all about buses! Do you get on, get off, get on the right one, which one is the right one…ahh buses~ Here's the almost 100 page chapter - we are working on the next chapter currently, but again after that we don't have a current translator for it. So even if you want to translate just one chapter (chapters of Piece are about 80-100 pages) then please contact!

3. Raspberry Field no Majo volume 0…