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Updates for March 27, 2011


Issho ni Neyou yo V2C9
By: Takao Shigeru

Synopsis: Is Ichiko and Kohaku's relationship becoming more than friends?? Hmm... And just what is Kohaku's relationship with his mother? Finally, we get some insight into why Kohaku wears masks!



Half & Half V1C1
By: Nanami Mao

Synopsis: Hina is a quiet college student who lives in a small town. One day her long lost best-friend and first crush, Itsuki-chan, moves back to town! The only problem is that Hina remembers Itsuki-chan as a man and now he's a WOMAN!! Sounds strange, eh? How does Hina deal with this new turn of events?? Does Hina still have a crush on Itsuki-chan??? Read and find out!!


As a side note, Forbidden Garden would like to thanks all it's readers for their continued support. If you express any interest into scanlation at all, please feel free to contact one of our admins! We're always looking for new help!! Here is a list of positions we…

2 New Projects?! Oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and my MIL took the kids for the night.  (A date night and my birthday - yay two-fer!!)  I actually got all dolled up (my hair fixed/make-up/new clothes) and we went out for a night on the town.  A few hours later I found myself at a bar with my handsome hubby and good friends.  But of course this morning I wake up thinking, "Why?! Oh for all that is good in the world, why did I say last night, 'Yes, I would love another shot.'" Stupid stupid move.

It's loading...

There are times in life in which you need to quickly and easily pacify your children so that you can get whatever it is that you are doing done without the screaming/crying/fit throwing mayhem that usually happens right when you really don't need it.  And I (like all good mothers) fully take advantage of pacifying tools (offering to go to the park/candy/etc) and one of these tools happens to be my IPhone.  Both of my children are now fully functional on my phone (the youngest being able to operate it at the age of 9 months) and so now they are now not only able to do tasks on it, but also are proficient in computer jargon. Well, one day my son and I was at the doctor's office, and we had been waiting in the room for short of eternity when the doctor finally steps in.  At this point my son chooses to say he needs to use the bathroom.  So I tell the doctor we'll be right back, and off we go to the bathroom.  My son gets up on the potty and sits...and sits...and sits some mo…

Help when you can.

Earlier today Japan was hit by a huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami. (And as I'm typing this another earthquake has hit the middle of Japan.) Our hopes and prayers go out to not only all Japan, but also to everyone else in the Pacific that is effected by the waves.  Also on a personal note we would like to fully extend our thoughts and prayers to our staff that are currently residing in the effected area. We love you so much and pray for your safety.

There are several ways in which you can help, and if you can please try to donate.
Donate to the Red CrossDonate to Global GivingText REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.And there are of course more ways to help, the big thing is just to help.

Where did you come from?

Goodness time flies by so fast, I swear it was just January yesterday...
UpdatesUpdatesUpdates We have a new translator on staff named Vala - be sure to welcome her to the group, she's going to bring you an awesome new series that I know many in the shoujo community have been waiting on.  So look forward to her translations!