2 New Projects?! Oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and my MIL took the kids for the night.  (A date night and my birthday - yay two-fer!!)  I actually got all dolled up (my hair fixed/make-up/new clothes) and we went out for a night on the town.  A few hours later I found myself at a bar with my handsome hubby and good friends.  But of course this morning I wake up thinking, "Why?! Oh for all that is good in the world, why did I say last night, 'Yes, I would love another shot.'" Stupid stupid move.

We are looking for editors!  If you have time and experience with Photoshop please apply! And I'm also thinking of remodeling the site - if you have any ideas or would like to help me with it that would be fantastic, seeing as I fail at coding.

On to the release!

1. *new project* Ano ko to Issho v02 scene 05 - We are starting right where it was left off and hoping to give this great project a permanent home.  The previous chapters can be found through Samick, JShojo, Royal Alliance, and Entropy. 

2.  Issho ni Neyou yo v02 c08 - An ordinary day at the house...or is it? *bum-bum-buuuuummm*

3. *new project* Raspberry Field no Majo v01 c01 - It's our first shounen project! It's amazing what school girls are willing to do to curve their hunger.


  1. Happy birthday!!! :3
    And thank you for Issho ni Neyou yo ch8!

  2. hey we have the same birthday :D
    *is so simple minded that feels really happy* so happy happy belated birthday to you (:

    and thanks to all the staff for the releases <3 *gives cake to al the staffies*

  3. Thank you! And happy belated to you too Nozomi! :)

  4. Oh happy belated birthday urdzy!!!! You should have told me~~~ Then maybe I would have hurried up and sent you a chapter for your birthday :P

    I like the site layout though :D so if you change the design please don't change the layout too much. It's very user friendly for a hopeless person like me who gets lost all the time.

  5. Oh my urdzy!! I didn't realize that it's your birthday!! I'm so sorry!!:( I'm such a bad staffer...XD

    Oh, Happy *belated* Birthday!!^^

  6. Happy belated Bday and thanks for your hard work^^

  7. Thank you so much for continuing Ano ko to Issho!
    And Happy Belated Birthday!

  8. Thank you SOOOOO much for picking up Ano ko to Issho! I've been following it ever since Entropy first released it. A thousand thank yous!
    And a happy belated birthday to you!


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