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Back from the dead...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Not a lot to talk about today (about to start making myself up and then the kids for tonight's festivities.) But I hope everyone stays safe and has lots of fun tonight!

Just a quick couple of announcements:

1. We have a chapter of Piece ready, I just didn't have time to complete it for tonight's release. So you can expect it hopefully by this weekend.

2. We have some new staff - I'll introduce them to you next time. (Although we do love you and appreciate you, I'm just in a hurry.)

3. I will update the reader and site later (not today)

4. WE NEED MORE STAFF!!! (Especially translators and experienced editors/qcers)


1. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 21 - Life is about to get really strange - and scary - and might I say, never piss off a man that can speak to ghosts.

2. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 22 - Only one more chapter to go and we're done with volume 4! Have a great night everyone!

If you are an uploader and …