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Countdown (up?!) to 200!

First things first, I have been a terrible person. Life has been such a whirlwind as of late that I have missed out on several of our lovely staffies birthdays. I'M SO SORRRY!

So without further ado *clears throat*~~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY eli-la, aina25, kouw, Clear, Vioxx, and kpossible!!!!

Also a big congrats to our joint partners Doko Demo Doa for their 3rd year anniversary! So be sure to run over there and wish them the best for their many years ahead!

I would like to also say thank you to everyone who comments - I know it may seem like commenting is a useless effort sometimes, but really you don't know how much we appreciate each and every one.  It's so nice sometimes to know that there's someone (an actual person!) out there and that we're not just aimlessly talking to ourselves. So thank you guys for being so awesome!

Also for all that wanted to know - the ladybug costume was a HUGE HIT.  HUGE.
I had so much fun and we got so many compliments for being the "B…