Countdown (up?!) to 200!

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First things first, I have been a terrible person. Life has been such a whirlwind as of late that I have missed out on several of our lovely staffies birthdays. I'M SO SORRRY!

So without further ado *clears throat*~~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY eli-la, aina25, kouw, Clear, Vioxx, and kpossible!!!!

Also a big congrats to our joint partners Doko Demo Doa for their 3rd year anniversary! So be sure to run over there and wish them the best for their many years ahead!

I would like to also say thank you to everyone who comments - I know it may seem like commenting is a useless effort sometimes, but really you don't know how much we appreciate each and every one.  It's so nice sometimes to know that there's someone (an actual person!) out there and that we're not just aimlessly talking to ourselves. So thank you guys for being so awesome!

Also for all that wanted to know - the ladybug costume was a HUGE HIT.  HUGE.
I had so much fun and we got so many compliments for being the "Bug Girls." We had also gotten these ladybug eyelashes that were killer! I don't know how many times I had people just come and take me by the face just so they could get a better look~
If I could go back the only thing I would change about the costume was my underclothing (aka my brassiere).  I stupidly wore a bright purple bra under a clearly red/black costume.  So anytime pictures were taken you see bright purple peeping out >.<

So now to get down to business~
We've got 10 more releases till we reach 200 - so let's start the countdown...


1. Zig Zag Don volume 04 chapter 17 - No passwords this week - it's a countdown! ^.~

2. Zig Zag Don volume 04 chapter 18 - 2 chapters of ZZD in a row?! Lucky! ^^

3. Colorful Pallet volume 03 chapter 12 - I was meaning to release this yesterday...yeaaaah.... >.> <.<;;

4. Para Paru volume 03 chapter 12 - Ugh. Okay, just to warn this is a bit too personal but moving on - I've got a horrible pimple on my face. And it's not the normal 'I can cover this up' type but it's the terrible pounding in your face and everyone is staring at you - no - at IT. The kind that really should have it's own name. I'll call it Martha. Damn you Martha. [○・`Д´・○]

5. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 04 chapter 20 - Guess it's come to an end - we'll catch up ASAP! Thank you to DDD for all their help on this chapter! ^^
This year's 23rd issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine published the last chapter of Shigeru Takao's (Dear Mine, Golden Days) Issho ni Neyō yo (Let's Sleep Together) romantic comedy manga on Saturday.

Issho ni Neyō yo is about a young girl named Ichiko who runs away from home and comes to live in a house with four eccentric roommates. The manga had been running in the magazine since 2008. Hakusensha published the manga's fifth volume in August.

CMX Manga published Takao's Teru Teru × Shōnen shōjo manga in North America. The company released seven of 11 volumes of the manga before it shut down in 2010.

6. Caramel Kiss volume 02 chapter 11 - I just wanted to ask you guys a quick question. I have a friend who has made her own comic. The artist that she had has already drawn the entire thing and inked a couple of pages but has had to quit for personal reasons. So I just wanted to see if anyone has a talent for inking pages and would like to offer their services. Just send me an email if interested.

7. Bitou Lollipop volume 02 chapter 08 - Welcome to our staff Jiyeon and Janni! p(*^-^*)q Thank you to Stiletto Heels for their help on this chapter~

8. Zig Zag Don volume 04 chapter 19 - I went on a fabulous date last night with the most handsome gentleman - more details later! XDD

9. Zig Zag Don volume 04 chapter 20 - Last chapter in volume 04! Woot!!! XD

200. Para Paru volume 03 chapter 13 - So many things to celebrate ~ we finally made it to 200 (yay!) Also we would like to welcome our new staff member Cherrie Lacie! We're so happy to have you on the team!!! And then the very last - Happy Thanksgiving to all of you thanksgivingers (thanksgiviee's?). I just finished the prepping for the meal and now it's time to lovingly caress my bed. Tomorrow my schedule is running a 5K, finish cooking, spend time with family, decompress, and then get ready for the black friday extravaganza. See you guys next month!

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Happy Birthday, birthday people! >3<

    Thanks for the new releases. :D
    Also, those ladybug eyelashes look AMAZING! O3O

  2. Thank you so much for the release!! I always enjoy reading your posts!!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  3. Wow, wasn't it hard to see with these lashes on?
    I also enjoy reading your posts^^


    And you didn't really miss my birthday, since it was before I joined the group ;)

  5. Wow! 9 more releases until you hit that big milestone! Amazing!
    Glad to hear your ladybug costume was a hit. Hope you keep dressing up for years to come! I'm already brainstorming my next costume. Because that time of the year will come again before you know it!

  6. Thank you everyone! ^^

    @Ammy: Nah - they curled up so it was a slight annoyance. ;)

    @eli-la: Congrats on your first project!

    @Rexy: Was your Alice costume a hit? ^^

  7. I am so jealous of those lashes! I want to wear something like that to work every day, but I can barely put on eyeliner some mornings, due to freaking out at OMGTHINGSNEARMYEYES.

    But I bet it did look awesome!

  8. Thanks for your work!

  9. Awww thank you for remembering I'd dressed up as Zombie Alice! Yes, it was definitely a hit. I handstitched my costume so I was a little hesitant to douse myself with fake blood, but once I did, it was awesome. On my way to my company Halloween party, I think I scared a few children in my getup! :D

  10. yay! thanks for the releases!

  11. Lol sorry, how can we wish Doko Demo Doa a happy anniversary when they watermark their scans with a big and awful watermark that actually stops readers from enjoying their releases... I hope they shut down actually so other REAL SCANLATOR groups take their projects :)

  12. @Just Me: I understand your frustration (and I know that DDD does as well) but what she does with her own time is really her business. If she wants to she could black out the entire page except for two words and that be that. And as far as DDD not being a "real" scan group I have to disagree (I think their over 800 releases in 3 years time accounts for that). Also if there was a group out there (or you for that matter) that wanted to release those projects but in a different manner then it would be done. It's not like DDD holds exclusive rights to the manga they scanlate, so if you truly don't like their releases and you like the projects they do that much then why don't you find a scanner/translator/proofreader/editor and do it yourself? I'm sorry and I'm not trying to pick on you in any manner, but I do want it to be known that if you're going to complain about how other scan groups run their site, find somewhere else to do it - I would rather this site not be used for that.

  13. Exactly, urdzy. Some groups are actually working on that now, which is, to take the projects DDD worked previously. Finally we get to understand the many series that she scanlates that she probably works on only for herself (since she doesn't want others to understand the plot x: lol why bother scanlating then)


  14. happy birthday to all, and thank you so much for the releases

  15. Thank you so much! Issho ni neyou yo is such an awesome series! >.<

  16. thank you for the release!

  17. waaah Zig Zag Don 2chapters in a row! Thankyou for your hard work! ><

  18. Thank you! So intense!

  19. Lollipop yay!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  20. Thanks so much for Caramel Kiss

  21. Thank you!! I love your projects ><

  22. Thank you for the release!!!

  23. thank you soo much for zigzagdon!! and bitou lollipop of course! :)

  24. what happened to the story about your date???
    I am curious^^

  25. @Anon: lol~ I'll make a post about it soon - just gotta get thru the next couple of days for family and then it's back to the FG grindstone! XD

  26. My first time downloading your work and i thought this might have a password like chapter 11 >///<
    Thank you for all your hard work!!! xD


    Yea I know i'm way late for this but ;v; I hope everyone had a wonderful time on their birthday x>>>

    Thank you for the chapters everyone (●´∀`●)


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