Where did you come from?

Goodness time flies by so fast, I swear it was just January yesterday...

We have a new translator on staff named Vala - be sure to welcome her to the group, she's going to bring you an awesome new series that I know many in the shoujo community have been waiting on.  So look forward to her translations!

So yes we will be bringing you two new series soon - and I know you are probably all foaming at the mouth wanting to yell at me to finish the series that we currently have, and to that I say...I'm sorry? No, really we are going at a really good pace right now and we should be done with at least 2 series within the next month (if all things go as planned).  So don't worry, all your FG series are currently being worked on and will be out as soon as possible.

As far as recruiting - we could really use either some C->E or J->E translators that would be willing to work on Flower.  We currently have one active translator (<3 you pokepoke.monster!) but additional help for this 10 volume series would be appreciated.
Also any one who is an experienced editor/cleaner is welcome as well.  I only say experienced because I don't have time to train, I'm sorry but it's true.
And an experienced qcer would be helpful too.

ALSO - I am thinking about remodeling the site - if anyone is proficient in site design and would like to help me out, please send me an email.

And I think that's it - Sometime within the next month I'll do another full update like I did last January to give a run down on each project.


Issho ni Neyou yo v02 c06 - Doki Doki moments abound! Expect a release a week for this series for the next month.

Caramel Kiss v01 c02 - Riku! Is that really the best way he could give a chocolate?! This series is on the move!


  1. Thank you all so much for the new chapters!

  2. Yay! Thank you so much! I love this series, and I've been reading it RAW. My Japanese is extremely insufficient, though, so I'm grateful beyond words for your scanlations! They're so lovely!

  3. Thank you! Issho ni neyou yo is such a cute series!

  4. Welcome to the staff Vala!:D

  5. @Sanakan

    Thanks! I look forward to working with everyone! =D

  6. Woot, thanks for Caramel Kiss guys!!


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