Birthday & Updates

It's the beginning of the year and so now it's time for updates about your favorite series (and a few announcements as well)...

First off we'd like to send a big shout-out to our amazing cleaner Sanakan!!
She has cleaned a chapter of pretty much every series we do - so be sure to send her many birthday wishes!!  So she'll work on many more series.

Happy birthday hon!!

Also we'd like to welcome our newest editor Ba-Banana!! She has bought (and willing to scan) Caramel Kiss for all of you people - so many many thanks for her awesomeness!! (Plus she's a pretty amazing editor which you'll see in upcoming chapters.)

We've also got some new recruits in our pre-staff area - they are working on their first chapters and as soon as they get those all finished up you can look forward to regular releases from them as well~

Now on to--[Project Status]

17 Sai no Mama - Our amazing other admin took a nasty fall this past Christmas so he's stuck at home for a few weeks.  Really bad news for him...but awesome news for us. ^.~ This means we get to use him have his editing skills on board to pick up those projects that haven't budged in a really freakin' long time. Like 17 Sai.  But after we complete the third chapter of it we have plans to drop this project unless someone can come up with better raws.

Bitou Lollipop - Should have a release before the end of the month.

Caramel Kiss - Just waiting on raws to be delivered.  After that this project might need a translator/editor or might not.  Just really depends on how long it takes to get to us and if we have free staff.

Cherries Fight - We tried on several occasions to get in contact with NOIR about Fight and they never answered.  So we went ahead and started working on chapter 03 by ourselves.  If anyone from NOIR happens to read this and wants to continue doing this project please send us an email.

Daisy Luck - Almost done.

Flower - Needs a dedicated editor.

Hyper Baby - Needs better raws for volume 02.  We've got good raws for all the other volumes but volume 02 we have pretty lq raws.  If anyone can find better ones we can get started on v02 today, but without them, this project will be stalled for a bit.

Issho ni Neyou yo - Going at a pretty amazing speed.  We should have our first release this weekend, and then expect a release for this almost once a week.

Para Paru - Scanner has received the next couple of volumes so we should be starting on this soon.

Yasashii Te - Needs to be cleaned and then it'll be done.

Zig Zag Don - Currently working on.

And that's it! So help with Hyper Baby raws would be appreciated and a couple more editors/cleaners would be welcome~

Thanks everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANAKAN!!


  1. Interesting, because Noir is still releasing, and yet none of their new projects are posted on their site. It does look dead over there :( But the fact that you've picked up one of my favs is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for picking up Cherries Fight!!!

  2. Lol urdzy!!~ Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! Aww~ You're making me blush...>.<

    That cute little comic just made my day!!:3 I'm waiting for my present to come in the mail any day now..;)

    And~ Depending on how many birthday wishes I get..I just might work on cleaning more diligently~ *evil laughter*..:P

  3. @Brownie: Yeah, I don't really know what is going on at Noir, but it was a joint project between us two...but I just haven't heard from them so we're finishing what we have.

    @Sanakan: lol~ I'm glad you like it! I thought it was adorable~~ <3
    and HappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthdayHappyBirthday
    (Is that enough birthday wishes?) ;)

  4. haha!!~ No~ That doesn't count if it's from you only...XD

    oh, I hope the thing with Noir works out..:)

  5. Wow, you guys are awesome! Thank very much and looking forward to all the great projects :D
    Also, Happy Birthday Sanakan! May all your wishes come true^^

  6. Thank you! The first chapter of Issho ni neyou yo was interesting! :D

  7. Thanks! We should have a pretty steady stream of chapters from it for the next few weeks. :)

  8. Oh~~ we do? You have been pretty busy huh urdzy??:D

    @ Ammy - Thanks for the wishes! (Wishes Count: 2;)

  9. @Sanakan: Nah, it isn't me - we just have a great staff and DDD is a really awesome group to work with ;)


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