Goodbye Daisy and Hello Issho

So today is a lovely rainy day that I decided to take everyone to go see my grandparents.  We all have our umbrellas, rain boots, and oodles of snacks/toys/change of clothes/baby crap in tow. As we were leaving their house my son decides that he doesn't want to walk out to the car.  So like any good mom I scoop him (and the army sized bag o'crap) up, grab my umbrella, and hurry outside. After strapping him to his seat I get into my own only to hear "Where's my umbrella?". At this point I'm a bit damp already from juggling the umbrella and the car seat and I tell him that we'll get it next time. "Noooooooooo!!!!!" You would then think that I had told him that he could no longer have sweets, or that all the toys in the world had disappeared, or even that everyone he knew had died.  And just as I was convincing myself that going back inside would be better for my sanity my amazing grandfather comes running outside to hand us the umbrella. So down goes my window, I grab the thing, say my thanks and love, and started pulling out of the driveway while pressing the window up button.  It puffs it way up (all the while my left side is getting wetter and wetter). And then it stops halfway up. 
I don't know if the lesson today is don't give in to your child's whines, or fix things when you start to see the problem instead of waiting till it breaks, or even don't go out on a rainy day; but I do know that there is one little boy's bright red dented Cars umbrella hiding with the garbage...

Today is Daisy Luck's last chapter so I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff that worked so hard on it! Thankyouthankyouthankyou tsekushibijin84, Claer, Sanakan, toppichu, gisaku-chan, donyusufahmed, michi, and urdzy!! And congrats for our 8th completed project! :)

1. Daisy Luck-Long Stay: It's been a pleasure working on Daisy, and I've fully enjoyed our first josei project.

2. Cherries Fight c03: Really awesome chapter! If you are from Noir please email us so we can talk about the last chapter.

3. Issho no Neyou yo c01: How can you not instantly fall in love with a girl with freckles? XD
Many thanks to our joint partner Doko Demo Doa for this awesome series!

If you would like to see a quick update for our projects please have a look here.


  1. Woot, Cherries Fight, been waiting for this series, thanks so much guys!

  2. thanks so much for the releases~!

  3. Thanks for the releases!

  4. Lol~ The girl with freckles is kinda scary to me...XD

    I must say...the combination of rain + children on board = chaos!! :P

    Also, Daisy Luck was by far the easiest project for me!! Oh how I miss that...:D

  5. Congrats on finishing Daisy :D

  6. thank you very much for the releases!!!!

  7. You're welcome for the releases and thanks for the congrats! :3

    Yeah, it was pretty horrible honestly, and now I need a new motor for my window (or something to that degree). I say just give me a new car! XD

    Yeah Daisy Luck was really easy except for she used so many references to kinda obscure 80's and 90's people/places that it was hard to figure out who & what she was talking about. I think I researched more for this series than any other series I've worked on. T.T

  8. Thank you for the new chapters!

  9. You're welcome!

    Also, it looks as though Cherries c04 should be ready sometime soon~ XD

  10. Thank you so much for the releases!!!

  11. You're welcome zeer!
    Hope you enjoy! XD

  12. LOL! for meh i love going out when it rains i feel so much better :) i hope the next time u go out while it's raining it'll go better for uh ;D
    thanks so much for the releases!! cant wait to read them XD

  13. lol~ me too! :)
    My favorite thing to do while raining is cuddle down into some big fluffy covers and sleep~~~ahhh heaven!


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