Ready for Spring

So, we've decided to pick up another new project - three guesses what it is!
Here's your clues:
1. He likes apples.
2. She is extremely unlucky.
3. Her best friend is lucky with the gentlemen?

Two releases for today!

1. Bambi no Tegami chapter 04: This is such a great little winter story that we just had to know how it ends! Rinko finally gets the courage to tell Tatsuyuki how she feels...

2. Issho ni Neyou yo chapter 02: We get a little taste of back-story from everyone, and find out why our Ichiko is running away.  

For news: Caramel Kiss has come in!! So we are in the midst of getting it all ready to go.


  1. amazing :DDDDDDDDD

    when i was reading the clues, i was like no way *-* bambi no tegami instantly came to my mind, then i kept reading and i was like yes way 8D

    thanks so much for picking it up *O* you guys just made my stressful night a bit less stressful xDD thanks so much to all the staff <3 i luv you all :')

  2. Yes, Bambi no Tegami!! Is the volume complete with this one btw?

  3. @Nozomi: lol~ 'then I kept reading and I was like yes way' that just made my night^^. I'm glad we could make your night less stressful!

    @Cptigris125: Nope, just one more chapter and then it's done. :)

  4. Wahoo!! Thanks for picking up Bambi no Tegami. I love this mangaka.

  5. Sweet, looking forward to it then :D

  6. that was... great *-* oh, I so feel like fangirling xDD

    made all my stress go away :) thanks again~ and i'm glad i made your night :3 fufu~

  7. Yay! Thank you for the new releases! :D

  8. You're welcome! :3

    We should have the last chapter of Bambi all wrapped up within the next couple of weeks and then of course there will be another release of Issho next weekend!

  9. Thanks so much! I'm glad I can finish this really really good manga! :D


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