I'm not crying...

In case you have been wondering where we've been the past few weeks, I'm back in school. *crowd cheers* But on the flip side, I am taking Anatomy and Physiology this semester. Which to those of you who have never taken this devil class, it is one that just a glance at the book sitting on my floor makes me curl up in the fetal position crying and holding my teddy. And I am NOT talking cute quiet tears that shake my shoulders - oh no - I mean BIG FAT uncontrollable waves of sobs that penetrates the walls and causes all of my neighbors to believe that someone is actually dying in my home. So in case you are wondering where I am - I'm busy.

Questions you may be having by this point:

  • What is this frackin password?
We've had several of our loyal and awesome fans email/comment about how much they wanted the password system back in place because they actually enjoy the hunt. Many told us that they would gladly shower us with cupcakes if we brought it back. So while I can't say it's going to be a permanent feature on EVERY post that we do, I can't really say no to baked goods...
  • Why won't you answer my email?
With my normal real life responsibilities (husband, KIDS, pup-pup, home, etc) and the added class work I have pretty much zero time during the week. (Right now I'm taking a short break so that my brain will heal up and stop bleeding.) So pretty much I have Friday through Sunday. If I don't answer you by Sunday, resend it. 
  • What is your recruitment page from?
You're going to have to be a little more specific (series/chapter number). We use a lot of different recruitment images and without the series + chapter number I honestly have no idea which one you are talking about. But generally the one that I've been using the most recently has been a page from Cherries Fight. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you should, it's pretty cute.
  • Why are you taking so long on Piece?
Okay people, Piece generally has about 80-100 pages per chapter. A "normal" chapter of other series have about 30 pages. So obviously it's going to take longer because it's a behemoth. Also a big bump in the road is that this project needs an additional translator (japanese or korean). We have one more chapter prepped but after that we're out of translations. If you want to see this project continue anytime soon, then find a translator. ^_^
  • Do you need any help?
Okay so mostly this question is wishful thinking on my part, but we need help. With classes starting back up for most of us we just don't have the time to dedicate to scanning. So if you want the speed of FG's scans to keep up, we need you to help help help! And if you need any help getting to your treasure you will need to know what many of our fans have promised to shower us with.

And on completely (but not so completely) unrelated news...
Did anyone see that NTV is making a drama out of Piece?! Amazing~~~~

On September 9th, NTV announced that NYC’s Nakayama Yuma is going to star in their upcoming late-night drama ‘Piece‘.

The drama is based on a manga of the same name by Ashihara Hinako, which has been serialized in the shojo manga magazine ‘Betsucomi‘ since 2008. Nakayama will be playing a cool college student who has to face his shadowy past after meeting a classmate from his high school days, with whom he has been going out at the time. Additional to the love story between those two, the story also contains elements of suspense as the two of them approach their past together.

Nakayama’s last lead role in a drama dates back to ‘Koishite Akuma‘ (Fuji TV) three years ago. He commented, “I’d like to create a character that all viewers will be able to connect with.
The said ex-girlfriend will be played by actress Honda Tsubasa. Moreover you can look forward to the appearance of Johnny Jr.’s Matsumura Hokuto.
NTV is going to air ‘Piece’ every night from Saturday to Sunday at 0:55 am, with the first episode airing on October 6th.
From TokyoHive


1. Lifex01 chapter 02 - Lots of new characters today! When we left Ana was running for her life from a handsome killer.

2. Hyper Baby volume 04 chapter Extra 2 - On a Cloud *project end* - We have reached the end!!!
Thank you so much to OHYA Kazumi for her amazing work. And also thank you thank you thank you to all of the wonderful people that worked on this project to bring it to the english-speaking audience ~ okaasan, urdzy, CherryBerry, lizzy{valentine_evenings}, onepride18, Fragile_Melody, MizuiroMegami, someoneelse, mizi, GemstoneX, Rikkastar7, UyensDolly, ba-banana, winternite, sekushibijin84, kanameyu, tomato, aina25, Miki, and Jiyeon!

3. Zig Zag Don volume 06 chapter 28 - Oh Grandpa, you make the funniest faces~ XDD
Here we have the end of ZZD series. There is one more extra to go and we'll have the end of it all!

4. Zig Zag Don volume 06 Extra: Metal Girl *project end* - Ishida Takumi really knows how to end on a happy note… >.>
It's the END of Zig Zag Don~~~!!!!
Thank you so much to the illustrious Ishida Takumi for her amazing work of art. And of course thank you to all of the dedicated staff who worked to bring this to you - Nadege, yukihotaru, gaogaigar, Chey1ne92, WingedAng3l, urdzy, SomeoneElse, Tesan, sekushibijin84, Mizi, crazygurl, Sanakan, toppichu, MizuiroMegami, Zuri, gisaku-chan, Ba-Banana, atem4yami, spin2win, hiyokoiz, miki, aina25, eli-la, kouw, vioxx, coco, Soraiiya, and AshleyMarie~
Thank you for reading this series - we hope you all enjoyed it!

5. Arcana volume 15 Chapter 03: Bukiyou na Sahou (Clumsy Manners) by D. Kissan- A lesson in chopsticks. As always thank you so much to our parters-in-crime The Zero Alliance for all their help on Arcana.

6. Arcana volume 15 Chapter 15: Kagazono-san by Maruyama Shiro- This should really be called How to Train a Delinquent.

7. Arcana volume 14 Chapter 06: On a Moonlit Night by Kanou Ruri- A sweet story of friendship.

8. Ano Ko to Issho volume 04 chapter 14 - What would you do when a friend asks you to keep a secret but it's in her best interest to tell?

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Is it just me or did anyone else have to go reread the description of "Piece"-the-manga because the synopsis of the drama didn't sound like what we've been reading?

    I guess it's a loose adaptation, or else the manga changes after these first three chapters, or something?

    ALSO omg, the end of ZZD! I've been waiting for aaaages, but I'm not sure I really want it to end. But I'm also dying for more of Para Paru and find it almost to be more interesting right now, so I'm a little bit consoled :P

  2. Thank you so much for the releases especially Zig Zag Don!

  3. Thank you for the releases. It took me a while but finally found the password. ^^

  4. wew~! Thank you for the releases. I Love You *wink*

  5. Thanks for scanlating ZZD until the end :) I was spoiling myself with the raws already, but it's nice to finally understand everything^^
    Good luck with Anatomy and Physiology :) You're not the first student to fight with those subjects^^ Ganbatte!

  6. Ugh, why are people gluttons for punishment? I can never find the password **runs to online reader** Anyhoo, thanks for Zig Zag Don and major congrats for completing the project!

    Also, I had an ulterior motive by visiting because I wanted to check your progress (harass) you guys about Piece ;) But really, I'm just glad you guys are working on it and haven't forgotten about it :D

    I think it's great that it's getting a show, which must mean that it has some popularity in Japan. I wonder why it's not really popular around the scanlation English reading community. Sigh.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the work and time your group has dedicated to bringing us all these chapters. Looking forward to next time!

  7. Wow! I found it! Thank you for release and interesting hunt.
    Good luck with School.

  8. Aww, man. Reviewing and studying physiology coursework really can end up being like major pains in the ass. I wish you the best of luck in your future exams and assignments there. I hated learning about the hormones and well, the kidney, myself, since, I got confused by the freakin' number of names of various parts with similar functions... Then, (respiratory and circulatory systems) heart and lungs systems were a bit tough to fully get with the almost "reverse common sense" kind of flows sometimes.
    Generally speaking, if I can pass you a bit of advice, you want to make sure to understand major functions and structures (of both large scale and then to the cellular level) so that you don't find yourself making things more of like a memorization game since memorizing terms really doesn't get one very far (at least for me)--as long as you can walk through the concepts by explaining them to someone else, you should be able to excel in getting through the main topics (and thus exam questions) that you'll surely be evaluated on. (By the way, some topics can be further reviewed after some google searches; if you want extra review/practice, it's definitely helpful to find other resources online to reinforce what you learn in class since the varying approaches that other folks use to teach concepts does help give some new insight of understanding systems, I think.)

    Mm, I don't have that much time now but I'll volunteer myself to help translate the series project Piece when I can commit time to do so (maybe in a couple weeks from now?).

    Anyway, thank you so much for the recent updates! Hope you and the rest of the team take it easy; real life always should come first~ ;]

  9. /too dumb to conqueer the quest.
    I am reading in the online reader! @,@

  10. Congratulations on completing 2 projects! I hope it feels as good for you finish them as it does for us to read them. Thank you so much for putting so much time and hard work into these and all of your projects. We readers really appreciate it!

  11. Thank you for the releases and for all of your work!
    Good luck with school!

  12. What do you have to do to find the password?¿¿?

  13. i know were your coming from Anatomy and Physiology was a pain for me though biology was worse. i was to mental to cry. Just think about riping up the book slowly page by page with a huge smile.
    thanks for ZZD

  14. Thanks for the updates!
    Good luck at school! (good luck to me too, I'm also crying quite tears T__T)

    And I'm glad to heard that you hadn't dropped Piece! :)

  15. Thanks a lot for Hyper Baby!! I have to re-read the post a few times before finding out what the password is. (I'm such a dumb!).

  16. I couldn't have asked for a better blog. You happen to be always at hand to offer excellent guidance, going straight away to the point for easy understanding of your site visitors. You're really a terrific pro in this subject matter. Many thanks for being there visitors like me.

  17. I just love this password hunt! I think I enjoyed it more than the actual ZZD end that I download currently. Thank you for your hard work and for being so creative!

  18. Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

  19. @Anon: it's a modified theme, you can find the info for it at the bottom of the page ^^

  20. Anatomy and Physiology????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I' still crying if I think about it! I've really hated this two exams! Good LUCK! T'm studying Neurology and I'll hope to understand almost the 30% of the book...I hope SIGH

  21. Is there a possibility of replacing the links to Arcana chapters? They appear to be broken, I'm getting a message "Invalid or Deleted File".

    1. That's weird - I'll try to work on it as soon as I can. Sorry about the inconvenience. ^^;;


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