Bitou Lollipop

Author: Iketani Rikako
Genre: comedy, drama, romance, shoujo
Status: 7 volumes (complete)
Year: 2006
Summary: Madoka is surprised to discover that her parents have won a 100,000,000 yen (one million dollars) lottery. To make things worse, they inform her of their decision to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming doctors. What will happen to Madoka who, when deciding to stay behind, is left to fend for herself in a family acquaintance's (the Asagi's) guest house?

[Chapters 4-10 joint with Stiletto Heels, Chapters 14~ joint with Fennec Scans]

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released by Stiletto Heels || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released by Stiletto Heels || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released by Stiletto Heels || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online

Volume 02
Chapter 05: Released || Read Online
Chapter 06: Released || Read Online
Chapter 07: Released || Read Online
Chapter 08: Released || Read Online
Chapter 09: Released || Read Online

Volume 03
Chapter 10: Released || Read Online
Chapter 11: Released || Read Online
Chapter 12: Released || Read Online
Chapter 13: Released || Read Online
Chapter 14: Released || Read Online

Volume 04
Chapter 15: Released || Read Online
Chapter 16: Released || Read Online
Chapter 17: Released || Read Online
Chapter 18: Released || Read Online
Chapter 19: Released || Read Online

Volume 05
Chapter 20: Released || Read Online
Chapter 21: Released || Read Online
Chapter 22: Released || Read Online
Chapter 23: Released || Read Online
Chapter 24: Released || Read Online

Volume 06
Chapter 25: Released || Read Online
Chapter 26: Released || Read Online
Chapter 27: Released || Read Online
Chapter 28: Released || Read Online
Chapter 29: Released || Read Online

Volume 07
Chapter 30: Released || Read Online
Chapter 31: Released || Read Online
Chapter 32: Released || Read Online
Chapter 33: Released || Read Online
Chapter 34: Released || Read Online


  1. I just want to say that I'm forever in your gratitude for scanlating this. Manga's aren't widely available where I live (read: not at all) *cry.

    And this story, what I've read so far, is amazing. Really beutifull. It somewhat reminds me of Lovely Complex... But more adult/mature...

    Just wanted to show my apreciation to your great work translating so far.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  2. OMG you guys! What I've been waiting for to happen in Bitou Lollipop happened at the end of 6...OMG *is pumped* i can't wait to read the next chapter--~~ *squee* I <3 tomoyo!
    THANK YOU for this manga, I wouldn't have found it without you!

  3. I have to thank you guys so much for translating this manga! Lately I haven't found any that really interest me since I'm kind of bored with the typical shojo manga. But this one is really unique, and different! I really cannot wait till the next chapters!!!

  4. yay! a new chapter! hahaha when she rubs cake in his face that cracked me up! they are so cute.

  5. Thank you for this! I'm a man, and usually don't read shojo-type manga. This one's special though. The mangaka has a great gift for drawing super-good-looking people. The art was so good in this series that it hooked me in, and now I can't wait to see what happens next.

  6. Thansk for your hard work:) I love this serie so much, please keep the good job^^

  7. Thank you so much for scanlating this manga! I really love the mangaka's art style and how she presents the relationship between Madoka and Tomoyo - without a hint of cliche! This is by far one of my favourite shoujo releases. Keep up the awesome work! :)

  8. Thank you so much for doing this manga! Please continue to do so! I love Tomoyo/Madoka couple so much & the mangaka's style of presenting the characters! :D

  9. Hey you pick every nice and relaxing manga .thank you for ur work <3.......................................

  10. thanks for doing this series! I really like it. The story isn't predictable and I love that about it! CC8

  11. Thank you so much for doing this manga! I seriously love it, and have no idea what will happen. It leaves me wanting more. This mangaka is my new favorite! ;) Please keep up the good work!

  12. I love this series so thank you soo much for translating it! Can't wait for 10!

  13. i can't wait for 11! thank you so much! :)

  14. Thank you for your great job!I can't wait for next chapter~ this manga is so amazing!:-*
    Greetings from Germany^^

  15. Thank you so much for scanslating this series! I really love it and appreciate you all for doing this for us fans! I really hope to read more of this series, it's soo good T~T. Once again, thank you so much!

  16. Please update! T_T

  17. Please update; I live for this

  18. What is the name of the manga at the recruitment page with the yankee girl?

  19. I'd love to translate this into english as long as the scans are in Japanese but I'm guessing it's in chinese. ):

  20. @Anon: They are in Japanese, if you would contact us at we'd love to have you!


  21. please update please please please :> if the raws are in chinese I could help translate it ^^

  22. Please update!! I'm waiting for all the volumes!! Hope the translate team will do the best for this manga ^-^

  23. I really enjoy this manga! I'm not sure why the next release is taking so long, but if there's anyway I can help, and I am capable of it, I would gladly!

  24. I just started reading this manga and I am absolutely hooked! I hope you wouldn't drop this because it is really good! I love Iketani Rikako's works, it all got good plots and differs from ordinary cliche shoujo mangas. I also read some of your other works. You guys choose really good mangas.. Thank you and keep it up! :)

  25. Is this a dream? It has finally been updated! and getting interesting.

  26. If you guys need help proofreading or typesetting i'll be happy to help!

  27. I really want to finish Bitou Lollipop, so, if you need help proofreading, I could possibly offer my assistance.

    1. I sent you an email - can't wait to talk to you! ^^

  28. If you need some help cleaning this project, I would like to help out ;D I have lots of experience cleaning manga (I'm a cleaner for jshoujoscans and mangacow) I hope I can help you guys out ^^

  29. I'm going to reflect on an earlier comment and say, "I live for this." I can help out with proofreading or typesetting or cleaning if any of that's required to complete this! (:

  30. Could you please fix the Chapter 12? The files are meesd up with the Chapter 11 ones.
    Thank you very much!

    1. There are links for both chapter 11 and 12 on that page, and 12 works fine for me.

  31. Chapters 14 to 19 pleaaase tell me why is it Not AVAILABLE :'(

  32. It is unfaiiiir!! pleeaaaaassseeee It's killing me~ what happened after chapt. 13 X(

  33. Thank you guys for update this manga!! I really, really thanks!

    Waiting for more chapters <3

  34. I love this manga so much! I first read it in high school several years ago. It only had 6 chapters then. Thank you guys for scanlating this! I am so looking forward to finishing the rest of the chapters.

  35. Hi gals, I came here to say my grattitude for translating bitou lollipop. At first I think the character is meh and the story is weird, afterall, sensei's art is not my type. But then, I continue read it until chapter 28 (26 and 27 missing for some reason) I'm sorry that I only can read this in manga aggregator as that is the only place I found this manga but Bitou Lollipop is fantastic. I glad that you picked up this manga, Thank you so much!

  36. Thank you so much for the update! Finally seeing some development!

  37. *bows 90 degrees* thanks for your hard work ! :3

  38. Thank you so much for the new chapter!!

  39. Thank you for translating Bitou lollipop!! This is one of the best mangas I have read in a long time. I am looking forward to the next chapters, I am so in love with this story <3

  40. Now, when I read chapter 31 I can't wait to read next chaps. ;_; Thanks for your hard work! This manga is amazing.

  41. I love this manga, thank you so much for your work guys. I cant wait for chapter 32.

  42. Thank you for translating this manga I really love this mangaka's work.

  43. Um you guys are still translating right :D? I found up to chapter 32 some other place and when looking for chpter 33 i found this place i hope you guys keep translating this manga is so good the story is realistic or not cliche i love it GANBATANE MANGA TRANSLATORS!!!!!!



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