Para Paru

Author: Ishida Takumi
Genre: shoujo, supernatural, drama, mature, romance, school life, sci-fi
Status: 9 volumes (complete)
Year: 2005
Summary: Meet Ikeno Komaki - an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Everyday is pretty much the same as the last, until today. Today she awoke from a strange dream hearing voices and has unexpectedly received an extraordinary new talent.

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online
Chapter 05: Released || Read Online


Volume 02
Chapter 06: Released || Read Online
Chapter 07: Released || Read Online
Chapter 08: Released || Read Online
Chapter 09: Released || Read Online
Chapter 10: Released || Read Online

Volume 03
Chapter 11: Released || Read Online
Chapter 12: Released || Read Online
Chapter 13: Released || Read Online
Chapter 14: Released || Read Online
Chapter 15: Released || Read Online

Volume 04
Chapter 16: Released || Read Online
Chapter 17: Released || Read Online
Chapter 18: Released || Read Online
Chapter 19: Released || Read Online
Chapter 20: Released || Read Online

Volume 05
Chapter 21: Released || Read Online
Chapter 22: Released || Read Online
Chapter 23: Released || Read Online
Chapter 24: Released || Read Online
Chapter 25: Released || Read Online

Volume 06
Chapter 26: Released || Read Online
Chapter 27: Released || Read Online
Chapter 28: Released || Read Online
Chapter 29: Released || Read Online
Chapter 30: Released || Read Online

Volume 07
Chapter 31: Released || Read Online
Chapter 32: Released || Read Online
Chapter 33: Released || Read Online
Chapter 34: Released || Read Online
Chapter 35: Released || Read Online

Volume 08-09Released || Read Online


  1. When will the next chapter be out???

  2. @Anonymous

    Is that all you have to say?
    Where is a Thank you for all the hard work these ppl put into scanlating this just so you can read it? If you dont want to wait go and try scanlate something and see how hard it is.
    I really hate ppl like you...
    Oh and another thing i`m not a part of FG,nor i scanlate anything but i always have time to at least not be annoyance like you.

    Thank you FG <333

    1. -.- You need to get over yourself............

      But i do love Fobidden Garden and am very greatful for them. Im just very excited to get to the next chapter. However you shouldnt sit behind your computer, and make assumptions on people you dont know. You hate ppl like me???? Well then my dear FUCK YOU ppl like you. I dont give a damn about you at the end of my day my darling.
      FG Rocks!!!

  3. Thanks so much for this!
    I have a new love because of you. ^^

  4. thx for yr work so much! I enjoyed this manga so far ^^

  5. I love this artist's work her stories always have a weird way of catching my interest so that Im practically stalking the series for the next release hehe thankyou so much

  6. I love this manga!♥
    Thanks for sharing it! ♥


  8. This series is intruiging and unique. Thank you so much. Is there really a total of 9 volumes to this series?

  9. I--love---this manga~ Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for everything!!!!! xDDD
    I don't know if there are any fans of this couple but, I support them all the way!!!
    "Shijou x Komaki" x>>>> ♥♥♥♥

  10. you're the greatest, and this manga...god so good.
    but i'm anxious, please release next chapter soon.

  11. Excited for new chapter. You guys rock. Thanks for the translations

  12. Love love love this manga! The story is intresting and the art is nice. Not your usual shoujo stuff with girls triping over there own shoes or fainting becuse of no particullary reason... Like like like!

    Thank you so much for scaning and translating!

  13. You guys are wonderful! I'm so glad you picked this one back up :) I've read all the available chapters twice already and am really excited to see that chapter 18 is already in the Typeset stage!

  14. Everyone is so amazing! Hope to truly support you guys in the near future!!!

  15. Please update regularly >.< thank you for the updates :) kee it up!

  16. I'm spending all night reading this and it was interesting (even though the char have the same type with zig zag don), thank you so much for your hard work ^_^ ganbatte!!

  17. Please don't drop this one, I really like this manga... Thanks for your hard work!!!

    1. Don't worry, we're not dropping it. The next chapter is currently going thru qcing and we should have a release of it relatively soon.

  18. Today I saw the new chapter. This is a very special shoujo and I thought it was dropped long time ago so I was really disappointed. Thanks for your hard work. I hope you can finish the project, I'll wait no matter how long it takes.

  19. i love this series, please update as soo as you can >.<
    Pretty Pleasssseeeeee

  20. I just read the latest update and as always, you guys are amazing! I appreciate all your guys' hardwork :D Please keep it up! <3

  21. Thank you so much for the work you've done ! I look forward for more !! ♥ ♥


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