Monday Monday, can't trust that day...

Ah, The Mamas and the Papas how right you are...

It's been an overall hectic day for me, and I honestly wanted to release this earlier today - but of course Monday attacked.  So now I'm faced with exhaustion and overall sickness, but on the flip side Dong Yi, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I am Legend came out today, so maybe it isn't so bad.
But enough of my prattling...

And then to round it off here is a wonderful release for you -- remember to mind your p's and q's :3

[Daisy Luck - volume 01 chapter 02]: Today we get to follow Kaede into the yummy world of pastries!



  1. Ooo~ Very nice recruitment pic urdzy!:D

    Btw, did you know someone applied for the Typesetters position?:3

  2. thanks so much for this new chapter!

  3. Yep, just waiting on a test back~ :)

    And thank you zabou! =D


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