Bambi no Tegami

Title: Bambi no Tegami
Author: Takano Ichigo
Genre: comedy, drama, romance, school life, shoujo
Status: 1 volume (complete)
Year: 2007
Summary: For normal people, about one unfortunate event occurs in a one day period.  But for some reason, it's different for Rinko.  Unfortunate things seem to pile up one after another.  All Rinko wishes for is to find some happiness in her life.  With the upcoming New Year's celebration and a date with her best friend, Tatsuyuki, will her hopes and dreams be fulfilled?

Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released || Read Online
Chapter 02: Released || Read Online
Chapter 03: Released || Read Online
Chapter 04: Released || Read Online
Chapter 05: Released || Read Online
*Chapter 01-03 done by An Endless Story


  1. Thanks for subbing! This looks cute!

  2. Thank you :). I was reading in Italian, but the project was suspended, so I'm glad I found it here ^^
    It is a very pretty story (❁´◡`❁).
    - Mei

  3. wow thank you so much. I want to read manga now... :D


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