Hurray! First post!

For me that is~ Dear urdzy gave me a huge privilege of letting me post on the new site! *bows to urdzy* lol~

Glad you guys manage to find the site! Give yourself a pat on the back! XD

Okay, enough talking from are what you guys have been waiting for!

[ KTNB Vol 06 Chapter 23 ]


[ Daisy Luck Vol 1 Chapter 1 ]

And as a reminder of my last post..
We are currently in need of:

J->E translator
C->E translator
K->E translator

Okay~ That's it for now, if you guys read my know what to do!! wink wink*



  1. lol~ Is that sarcasm I see? ^.~

  2. thanks for the new releases! reading KTNB and will definitely check out Daisy Luck. looks interesting... the site is nice, and though i'm used to the forum, getting releases here is good (better? ^_~) too! hee hee. the banner is very cute!

  3. I really like this new site!! congratulation!! thanks for the releases!!

  4. WOW BRAVO! Félicitation!!! (It's french lol) Congratulation for this site who's really beautiful!!! And what a great beginning with a new release of KTNB!!!! Thank youuuu

  5. i love the shouting stars pic gambatee guys and thanks for the new release

  6. thank you so much for the releases!!!

  7. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and the new chapter release. Great job. :)

  8. Thanks for the new chapter release of KTNB. :)

  9. Alright!! You guys actually posted here~ Woohoo! And you are most welcome~ Hehe~

    @urdzy - Lol~ Of course not! *cough* I am sincerely grateful!!:D

  10. thanks for all the work you are doing,for all these who like me,we like to read manga,and sorry for the mistakes my English is a little bad,ciao :)

  11. Wow, thanks so much for KTNB :DDDDD
    The new site looks great *O*

  12. Yeah!!! You guys rocks!!! Thank u for the KTNB Chapter 23... Congratz on the new site too... You guys are amazing... Off to read the new release :p

    Btw, I am your follower now... Fufufufu...

  13. @Belle
    Wah! I see a Moon Geun-young avie ~ I can't wait to see her in Mary Stayed Out all Night :3

    And thank you to everyone for your encouragement! *feels so loved*


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