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Welcome Sunday!

I'd like to start by saying welcome to our new awesome translator Wri99!
Currently Wri is working on Flower and we're really close to being done with volume 03!! XD
So look forward to our new translator!!! :3

I know that a lot of you have wondered what has happened to FG, and really it's my fault - we have a ton of projects translated and ready to be edited/qced but my real life has really taken a toll on my scanlating time.  So if you want releases faster - come help out! :D

I'm exhausted and really don't have much time as of late so for today no passwords, but expect lots of goodies coming your way in the next two weeks!

ONE LAST THING -- if you have emailed me and it's been a week or more and I haven't responded, most likely I haven't received it.  So just email me again~


Hyper Baby v02 c08 - Did the cat look like Misaki to anyone else?

Yasashii Te c05 (end) - It's the end of the series!!! YT was our fifth released project (that's back in '08 for all of you just joining!) and now it ends as our 157th released chapter.  (At least I think it's 157...^^;; )
A big thank you to: Candi, CherryBerry, ChocoDise, donyusufahmed, gisaku-chan, Higetsu, Jas, Jinx, kirakira, LightFate, moonChuChu, Rikkastar7, sekushibijin84, Shinsou,  Tomoko, unicorn, urdzy for all your help and work on Yasashii Te! :D

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, like today the word of the day is crazylady , so please think of urdzy.


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