A little help for our friends

We need help - badly.
I know that it seems as though magical fairies come in and *poof* there is awesome chapters for everyone to enjoy, but in reality it takes a lot of man hours to keep FG chugging along.
So just to put it out there, we have a TON of projects sitting in proofreading and qcing but we need more help.  Also if we don't get more help we're going to be pretty slow this month, it's my son's birthday this month and I'm one of those over-indulgent moms that put on a 3-ring circus for their 5 year old child. Crazy? I know, but that's how it is, so I'll be super busy in real life with that this month.
So the point of that story is:

And in the spirit of helping people out---- 

I have a friend who is working her bottom-end off trying to get signed onto a label.  She's toured Europe and played all around the U.S. but the more people she has subscribed to her site, twitter, facebook, and youtube the better chance she has.

So even if her music isn't your cup of tea, just do me (and her) a favor and subscribe so she can be one step closer to making her dream come true. And if you do me the huge favor of of subscribing, I'll do you a huge favor by telling you the code is in the first comment on this page.


1. Caramel Kiss volume 02 chapter 10 - Meru turns back into chibi-Meru and Riku gets all hot and bothered! *blush*

2. Zig Zag Don volume 03 chapter 15 - Whew! The end of volume 03... 3 more volumes to go!

3. Sakura Ryou March volume 01 chapter 01 *new project*- New project with our joint partners Shoujo Addiction. For all of you that were missing a sport romance!

4. Raspberry Field no Majo volume 01 chapter 04 - Honestly I haven't had a chance to read this yet, so no idea...soooo...a gigantic cricket in clown paint terrorizes the school! Shocking? I know!

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Oh you're all so sweet for doing me that favor!
    The code is countrymusic

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Thank you for this release! 4 of them at that too! I feel blessed :D

    Really appreciate everyone's hard work! :D

  3. Thank you so very much for the wonderful releases~ Especially Colorful Palette! Reading that manga is so refreshing, and like the main character, I too like makeup c: The manga makes me wish that I could grow up just a bit~ (in both age and maturity!)

    I'm thankful for your efforts, and hope that help finds its way to you!

  4. Oh man, I hope she does get signed to a label (Indie label's all right too!); anything to combat that horrible, godawful Taylor Swift nonsense lol!

    Thanks for the releases.

    *Is she country? Just wondering!*

  5. Thank you very much for all your efforts !!

  6. Thank yuo so much for all your hard work!!! I completely understand you!! My friends act the same way for their children's birthday parties! And I know I would do the same for my kids!!

  7. @nextloverI think she's country blues, but if you click on her sites she has tons of her own music that you can listen to. :)

  8. Kikou ... ^^

    Tks a lot !!! I just finished to read online the new manga "Sakura Ryou March" ... and it seems to be good ... !! So I hope there will be a new release soon ... ^^
    Bises ^^


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