Robots in Disguise - and all that jazz

And the birthday madness is over. And overall I think it went by smoothly.

Or at least I think we all survived (mainly me) better than what I thought we would. So yay me! :) I think the coolest thing that I made for my son's party was a six foot Optimus Prime. Which took me like 3 hours to make but it was sooooo worth it! My son's entire face lit up as soon as he turned the corner. It's one of those moments where you wish that your face had a built in camera so you could capture the good moments. (Which I never seem to remember to bring a camera for.) All the kiddos seemed to have a great time. We had trampolines, make your own transformer costumes, face painting, optimus prime hunt, and various other activities.

My one *small* rant though, would have to be aimed at the ladies that were supposed to be helping the kids use their equipment and generally helping out: LOOKING FOR HALLOWEEN OUTFITS ONLINE WHILE A GUEST WALKS KIDS DOWN A BALANCE BEAM IS NOT DOING YOUR JOB! Seriously though! I really have this strong urge to call and complain, but I fear that it'll just fall on deaf ears and the party overall went well, so why bother? It just bugs me - but moving on!

Some of you might have noticed that we now have a handy facebook account. Use it to your heart's content. Also for you, the code is what I'm going to be for halloween. I'm probably going to make a twitter account soon for you guys that wanted it, but that'll have to wait. *sorry*

On to FG News - we've had several people come forward to apply to be staff as of late, so I just wanted to give a moment to say thank you guys for your help! So welcome to the team swit and Tilly (2 new translators) and our new proofreading team atem4yami, Miki, and eli-la! You can find out more about all these awesome people over on the staff page.

Also we REALLY NEED an experienced Quality Checker (or two). FG can be a harsh mistress to our QC team, but harsh in all the right ways. ;)

And while I have you guys here, lemme ask you, what are you doing for Halloween? Anything fun and exciting? Do you still dress up? And really is it okay to go as a ladybug/bumblebee combo with your best friend when you're in your late 20's? (Me being the ladybug, her the bumblebee.) Or is that just pushing it a little bit too much? Cause who's doing that this Halloween - oh yeah. This guy. ^^


1.Zig Zag Don volume 04 chapter 16 - We left volume 03 with Sekiya confessing (again) to Ichina and waiting for her answer.

2.Colorful Pallet volume 03 chapter 11 - Show of hands - is anyone else infamous for falling in the rain and getting soaked?

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. Granted I was 20 in my Bumblebee costume last year, but I wouldn't let my age stop me from dressing up as one five to six years from now. I liked the bumblebee costume. This year, unfortunately, I won't be getting a chance to dress up. I'll probably be handing out candy. :3

    Thanks for Zig Zag Don! :)

  2. ...A ladybug/bumblebee combo is the best idea ever, never mind how old you are :D

  3. I've decided to be an 80's idol, the guitar player from A Flock of Seagulls (an obscure 80's "one-hit wonder"), but I cannot for the life of me find the glasses he wears! It's those huge kinds, the horn-rimmed kinds, white... ah well. So now I'm looking at a Billy Idol wig + costume :'( But I really want to be the guitar player for A Flock of Seagulls, goshdarnit. This Halloween is starting to suck.

    I think being a ladybug's better than a bumblebee. I feel bad for your friend lol. & thanks for ZZD! But seriously. Bumblebees are... not a good costume idea.

  4. late 20s is still ok..... actually your age doesnt matter. just enjoy the moment! btw, thank you for the release

  5. Thanks for the hard work and the entertaining post, as always :D
    You shouldn't worry about your age as long as you still fit into the costumes xD

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. thank you and happy Halloween.

  8. I'm in my later 20's and I'm DEFINITELY going to do the Halloween thing until it's not fun anymore. My workplace is even having a company party and dressing up is MANDATORY. By the way, I plan on being Zombie Alice (in Wonderland).
    Thank you for ZZD!


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