A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane Part #2

ThunderCats picture by Oddabeish
From Rexy: I have vague memories of The Chipmunks, but if you watched Mighty Max, TMNT, Batman: The Animated Series, or Animaniacs then we've got more nostalgia to explore! Yep, I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid ^_^
In the last post I talked about a huge nostalgia trip I took while finding a Chipmunk video.  Rexy pointed out though that in my post I completely left out the whole other demographic of 80's cartoons - and for that I am so sorry. ^^;;
So here I am to rectify the situation! X3
(Thank you Rexy for bringing it to my attention - otherwise I wouldn't have found my new something awesome -- see below!)

Unfortunately the only one I watched out of Mighty Max, TMNT, Batman, and Animaniacs is TMNT. Michelangelo of course being my favorite, and Donatello coming in second. (Because at the time my favorite color was purple.) The other shows came out in the early 90s and by then I had reached my early pre-teen years, and I was far too busy with "important" things like boys, extra-curricular activities, and school-life in general to watch cartoons.  This was quickly demolished and I went back to my cartoon-loving ways once I hit my teenage years.

BUT,  while searching around for the perfect video to go along with today's trip I found - wait for it - THIS - behold and be amazed.

Pretty cool right? It took the guy like a year & half to make it.  Worth it? I think so!
Supposedly a ThunderCats movie is in the works - but who knows really.  Other honorable mentions are: Dennis the Menace, Transformers (which I recently learned that the show was made to further sell the toys), DuckTales,  G.I. Joe, and Denver the Last Dinosaur.  Most of these I can still sing the theme song to a T.


Okay, so I need a recruiting catch-phrase.  Something to fill in her bubble.  So be as creative as you want - I'm just out of ideas, and 'Join or else' just doesn't fit the picture as much as I'd like...so help a gal out will ya? Speaking of helping out, here is a hint to get your gift, answer this question - Out of the four who is urdzy's favorite turtle?

Speaking of recruiting...we are...recruiting.  If you notice the same names recycling on credits pages, then that's because we have such a small group working on the projects - so join and relieve the over-worked and over-loved (awwww~~) staff.


Ano Ko to Issho v02 scene 06 - Awww...cute little creepy stalker boy! And why Sakagami are you just NOW asking those questions?!

Half and Half v01 c03 - You're never going to win Itsuki's heart with such a small...caliber...*snicker snicker*

Issho ni Neyou yo v03 c12 - VOLUME 03!! What a way to wake up in the morning...

Yasashii Te c04 - We're now on a chapter you haven't seen! And I think I have a toothache...

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. The first time you made a password I thought it was a nifty idea. The second time I was tired and I didn't notice it and it pissed me off a little. This time, I found myself excited that you had a new post, I wanted to see if you found a new way to hide the password.

    Its a nifty idea, as long as you don't get so complex I cant figure them out after being up for 26hrs, its neat and actually gets me to read what you have to say.

    Thank you for the release.

  2. ahhhh i remember all those old shows. one of my favorites used to be denver the last dinosaur (although it seems no one knows it). such a good show :) i can already hear the theme song playing in my head XD

  3. Woah woah woah, I had to read the post a few times to find the pw. I am so not a careful reader. -__-" So I admit, at first I thought the idea of a pw was a bit annoying, but I'm starting to get into the whole idea of it. Trying to figure out your little riddles are fun and they force me to read your posts and get to know you better. =) I feel so much more appreciative of the all the work you and the rest of the staff do for us leechers! Thank you! ^^

    Hmm, since the girl's thinking of an apple... How about "So hungry... for staff"? Ahaha... yeah, that's lame. xD

  4. Please tell me how to figure out the password. I read your post 4 times and even the FAQ page but still don't understand. This is my first time coming to FG, please help.

  5. haha reading this post reminded me of an article I read last week about how they're remaking ThunderCats on Cartoon Network XD

    anyways, thank you for the releases~~ more reason for me to procrastinate!

  6. Thank you for the release ^o^
    What a fun way to get password, I like it :)

  7. Thanks for the releases and the interesting post^^ It's funny to read that you can also sing the theme songs by heart even now^^ Whenever I sing Ultrastar with my friends, everyone's reveling in nostalgia, whenever someone chooses one if these old theme song :D
    Happy Easter!

  8. Thanks for the release!! It was fun finding the pw =D

  9. What about 'Looking for something sweet? Click me to get it!'...yeah, it's quite lame as well...XD

  10. It was fun finding the PW!!
    DO IT MORE +__+

    thanks for the releases

  11. These passwords are becoming very tedious

  12. wow! I have to admit that this is the first time I had to spend this much time to find a password. what a twisted way to hide it... ^^
    anyway, thank you for the releases and your hard work! :)

  13. Thanks for the new releases! These password riddles are so fun. XD

  14. does the password stay the same for all releases?

  15. Unfair :(( In my country (Vietnam) there's not such a thing call "u.." :(( how can I figure out what the pass :((

  16. Ahh~~~~~~~ I get it~~~~~~~ your question, I don't know why but my mouth just say "cute one" =))) thanks for the releasing

  17. People are right that is fun to figure out!!!


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