A look at simpler times...

Ah, the 80's...life was simple and colorful and magical.  All the things it should be when you're a child.  Along with She-RaRainbow Brite, and My Little Pony (and a vast amount of other saturday morning cartoons) my life was complete.

So while finding that there is a NEW My Little Pony and all that yummy nostalgia kicking in, I started to hunt down my childhood favorites.  One of them being The Chipmunk Adventure.  It had everything - musical numbers, flashy dresses, world travels, and so much more.  As a child this was a movie I not only watched on repeat but also wanted to incorporate into my own life.  And so in honor of The Chipmunk Adventure the way to open your project will be diamondballoon. So now that I'm all grown up I still hold some of the same wishes and dreams - yes someday I will travel around the world!(while singing) =3
So long story short, it came as a surprise to me when I found this on youtube - be prepared for the most awesome thing you have ever seen...EVER.

I just kick myself for not being awesome enough to have thought of doing this first... >.<
And for all that want to see the original you can find it here.

Short announcement and comment:
I would like to thank everyone for their emails/messages concerning our decisions.  Even if you don't agree with FG, thank you for voicing your opinions, we do try to consider both sides of the table before making too rash of judgements.  But we do thank everyone for their understanding and if you have any questions please first refer to the FAQ.  I promise that at least 3/4 of the emails I got could easily be answered from there.  And concerning one person in particular who wrote "So my post was deleted?  Nice way to let people speak up.  Keep at it!" I would just like to say that one, I didn't delete anybody's post for that day.  Your's might have been one of the few that was automatically put into the "spam" box and unfortunately I can't be on 24/7 to regulate this box.  I do check it about once a day but if you ever feel that your comment has been lost or deleted wrongly please just email me.  I'm not trying to silence anyone, your opinions do matter.  And two, I don't delete comments unless you are breaking one of the rules or if you are being overly rude to Forbidden Garden staff.  It is fine if you disagree with Forbidden Garden, and it's fine for you to state your opinions.  But I will not tolerate people personally attacking any member of Forbidden Garden staff.  These people work hard to do this, and yes it is because we enjoy working on the project, but that doesn't give you or anyone else the right to use our site as a place to scream profanities at the staff.  If you don't like how we run things you are more than welcome to open up your own page/group and do things exactly the way you want to do them.

Also coming soon will be a "Ask FG" post.  I really have received my fair share of messages lately and I will use that post to answer any questions you might have.  So if there is anything you want to know that isn't listed in the FAQ just email Forbidden Garden and we will quickly answer your question!

We are recruiting - check the join us page for more information.

And the release!

1. Raspberry Field no Majo chapter 02 - Joint with Aerandria.  I ate my weight in chocolate this past weekend...best and worst decision ever.

2. Issho ni Neyou yo v02 c11 - Joint with Doko Demo Doa.  The end of Volume 02!!! Looking for something light-hearted and fun? You won't find it here...T.T

We should have more releases to add throughout the week -- if I can find the time... ;____;

If you are an uploader and are currently reading this message, please I beg of you, just don't upload. Just think every time you break the rules urdzy has to spend editing time enforcing rules, so please think of urdzy.


  1. my first time here.. how does this password thing work?

  2. No one is going to answer your question. Read the last post to understand why there are now passwords and maybe you'll get a clue to open these releases. It's only fair you do some digging for the pass, since the nice people at forbidden garden put in the work to bring these releases to us in the first place. Seems like a small price to pay in my opinion...

  3. Thank you so much for your efforts in bringing these series to us :D I really can't believe how some ungrateful visitors could attack you and your wonderful work personally. May they burn in hell muahahaha

  4. where can I find the password? W-H-E-R-E ?????????????????????
    that pbtt from last time is NOT working...

  5. I just love the way you guys put the PW ^O^

  6. AM I DUMB??????????
    How come I can't find the PW????
    I searched and searched... there isn't any in this post and the PBTT from last week is not working...
    I was searching for it for HOURS! 6 HOURS!!!
    Where is it seriously?

    Am I too NAIVE to find it?!!!


    ...Also I noticed that the name of Raspberry ch02 that's written when I have the mediafire opened has a mistake in the title - Raspberry is written without the "p" (only Rasberry)...

    Thanks for the releases (although I just CAN'T access it TT_TT )

  7. Haha Urdzy, you're so awesome! I just love the way you inserted the pw. Even though it's right there, you've managed to confused many people. Yeah, I admit you got me too. Now that I've found it, I feel really stupid lol.
    (But in my defense, It was one-thirty in the morning sooo yeah...)XD

  8. just wanted to say thank you for the releases. great way to mask the pw. It took me a while and I totally laughed at myself when I found it staribg right at me haha. Genius!

  9. Thanks for the release. This project is so totally heart tugging wooby goodness that it's so awesome you guys are doing this.

    I was totally losing my mind on the pw 'til I read the above comments and stopped looking for mysterious encodings and just decided to read the post. I'm a child of the late 80's, so I only know of my little pony from the new versions my friend's kids play with, but I totally agree on the chipmunks-the chipettes were totally girl power.

  10. AHAHAHAHAH you're brilliant! it took me a while to get it. Thanks for the releases! especially Issho ni Neyou :) well done!

  11. This is so fun! A really interesting treasure (password?) hunt indeed.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Lol urdzy~~ That pw was wayyy to easy to find~~ maybe harder next time?? *wink wink*


  14. thanks for the release! :D

  15. I'm agree with you. You work hard to share with us some manga (it's take a lot of time to scanned, translated, edited... and you have your own life too). I don't understand people who take
    your work and as a "thank you" tell you craps !

    Plus, hidding the pw in the text is a good idea, everybody must read it before take the release.

    Come on it isn't so hard to find it even french people like me can do it ! lol !

  16. Now I am only trying to find the pw for fun ^^, like a riddle. Again after work now, I was very curious whether I could find it or not, and now I think I am really stupid or sth.
    Is there at least a hint for me??
    I always read the whole post, because it seems like we have the very same interests, the chipmunks and little ponys are one of my fav series! I still have a old video of a movie of little ponys :)
    Your last post, I read it at least 10 times, very carefully and tried to find the pw, but now I give up. It looks like i am to silly for it.

  17. Yes, i confirm, even French people can find this PW... Even if it takes so much time -_-'.
    I'll just repeat what the others have already told, but the idea of hiding the PW in your post was great!!!! I'm just wandering how the others, those who haven't the post and take the realeases directly from the project pages could access to the realeases... Such a pity there are people capable to take advantages of your hard work...
    But trying desperatly to find that damn PW was surprisingly funny ;)
    Thank you very much for your hard work and good continuation!!!!
    (please d'ont pay attention to my mistakes and my so-so english level -_-')

  18. Haha! Love the subtle inclusion of the password! I missed it the first time because I have a tendency to speed read. But then I re-read it at a normal pace and was tickled at how cleverly it was included. Good job! Looking forward to finding the next password for the next release!
    I have vague memories of The Chipmunks, but if you watched Mighty Max, TMNT, Batman: The Animated Series, or Animaniacs then we've got more nostalgia to explore! Yep, I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid ^_^

  19. really liked the password hunt,.. some people just don't have the patience to look thoroughly...thank you for the release guys.. fighting!!mwaaaHHH

  20. I read the post and I still can't find the password. :(

  21. Wait, nevermind. I just scrolled up and found it. Woops. That's what I get for reading at 3 in the morning. XD

  22. Hi there! :D I just found your scanlation group today and I gotta say, at first, I was a little scared about the "password" thing, but after actually reading every post I had to encounter (only this one and a couple others :3 entertaining and fascinating to read, and of course, funny xD), the password was never really that hard to find. xD LOOOL. >W< Haha, I love the password idea, to be honest. :) The way FG uses the password thing is really creative and I wished all other sites would use that type of thing. xD Thanks for the release! Loved the YT video! xD

  23. The password is: diamondballoon

  24. I read the post and I still can't find the password. :(


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